How Augmented Reality in Logistic can Solve Multiple Issues Effectively

By admin_user In Remote Assistance On May 6, 2021

How Augmented Reality in Logistic can Solve Multiple Issues Effectively

Augmented Reality is evolved to provide a collaborative real-time visual experience while bringing digital transformation in complex processes. This technology is aimed at superimposing images or animated videos on real-life pictures or live videos. The thriving mobility sector will make AR technology more powerful over the period. As per the estimate, the number of mobile-based AR users will cross 2 billion and the AR market size will reach a whopping 10 billion USD by 2023.  

Let’s go through some quick facts that show the importance of mobile AR technology in modern industries. 

Quick Facts of AR Technology

  • Enterprise mobile AR spending is expected to rise to 3.1 billion USD in 2021
  • By 2024, the enterprise mobile AR spending will cross 3.7 billion USD
  • AR experiences are 200% more engaging as they offer almost double the levels of engagement as compared to non-AR device
  • The number of mobile-based AR users is expected to cross 3.5 billion by the end of 2022

Simply put, Augmented Reality has started impacting all major industry sectors, and the logistic sector is no exception. Augmented reality in logistic can provide robust and innovative solutions while addressing core aspects of operations.

The most promising areas of AR in transportation and logistic sector are –
  • It engages warehouse workers in “guided” picking for more effective and efficient inventory management
  • It identifies the issues and carries out various tests in real-time through a remote assistance app
  • It is useful in route guiding, gamification of the picking process, and displaying the loading capacity of vehicles and containers
  • It facilitates remote training while eliminating the need for supervision
Here are the top four ways AR technology solves issues of various departments of the logistics company.

How AR Benefits Logistic Sector

Be it remote assistance or real-time checkups of equipment, AR assists the logistic sector in multiple ways. Some of them are-

1. Real-time Display and Monitoring

The AR-powered solution is useful for continuous monitoring of the process at the warehouse and within the company. AR superimposes data on vehicles and fleets to manage everything seamlessly. Real-time display of loading capacities of containers and vehicles can also assist people in loading and unloading. Augmented reality logistic solutions can optimize last-mile delivery and provide the real-time support in case of the breakdown of vehicles.  

2. Guided Instructions and Assistance 

AR remote assistance solution combines AR, IoT (Internet of Things), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), computing power, and internal databases. With AR headsets, this solution remains useful for hands-free operations, real-time guided instructions, maintenance and service-related instructions, and showing navigation. The AR-based solution contributes to increasing accuracy and efficiency of workers and guiding trainees effectively. 

3. Training and Learning

For any organization, training of existing employees or new joiner is extremely important to enhance efficiency and increase productivity. Augmented Reality can handle the training process effectively and keep it in a constructive manner.

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AR-powered solutions can manage the aspects like-

  • AR assists the logistic sector to provide a user-friendly guide that has all the necessary features and processes in an interactive way. 
  • AR facilitates new workers to deliver quality work by offering automation in key processes like ordering and distribution of goods. 
  • A remote assistance app enables you to monitor the activities of new workers from the office itself, and guide them as and when necessary using AR-powered devices.
  • In a way, there is little or no need for supervisors at the warehouse and your senior staff can focus on other productive activities. 
  • When it comes to training, AR guidance system remains highly interactive and interesting. It provides real-time training sessions for trainees. They can easily help new employees or trainees correct their errors. As compared to the traditional manual training system, the AR-based training is more interesting, efficient, and cost-effective for the logistic sector. 
  • Barcode scanner, smart glasses, and other devices can enhance the experience of users and increase their efficiency.

Augmented Reality in logistic sector can save time and effort for employees. What’s more, it gives an engaging and interactive experience and enhances the overall productivity of your logistics firm.

Concluding Lines

Augmented Reality has brought revolutionary changes in the logistic industry. You can integrate Augmented Reality remote assistance to manage critical processes efficiently in the warehouse and in remote places. All you need to consult a robust and reliable AR solutions provider company

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