Automotive Industry

Driving Innovation through Advanced Automotive IoT Solution

Rejig Digital brings a high-end automotive IoT solution to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive sector efficiently.

IoT-Powered Automotive Industry Solution for Enhancing Efficiency

IoT in Automotive Industry

The automotive sector is thriving at a rapid pace while addressing changing requirements and expectations of the end-users or customers. Automative IoT solutions can give the sector capabilities to collect, transfer, and analyze the data in real-time while connecting assets and workers effectively. Connectivity remains a critical factor to address the challenges of the automotive sector and our IoT solution for the automotive industry aims at improving connectivity.

At Rejig, we believe that the evolving automotive sector needs a boost from the advancements of emerging technologies like AI, IoT, ML, and big data analytics. We help the automotive industry implements the concept of a smart car and smart vehicles by providing a customized and intelligent Connected Vehicle Platform.

How Our Solution Addresses Challenges of Automotive Sector

  • Real-time Connectivity

    The real-time connectivity between the equipment and workmen is essential for improved services with enhanced productivity. Our IoT solution for the automotive sector can collect and analyze the data from various sensors and devices for offering the highest quality of connectivity.

  • System Integration

    It is challenging for the automotive sector to integrate technological advancements in IoT, ML, and AI into the existing enterprise system. Our Automotive IoT(Internet of Things) solution can be integrated with your system seamlessly to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Web and Mobile-based Access

    Automotive industry needs access to the data on the move for better efficiency and innovation. Our customized IoT solution can offer seamless access to real-time insights to users on their laptops, desktops, and mobile devices anywhere, anytime on the move.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    It is almost impossible for automotive manufacturers to know the maintenance time for various accessories and equipment. Rejig has addressed this challenge by offering a predictive maintenance feature that sends alerts for the maintenance of devices in advance.



IoT in Automotive Industry

internet of things

IoT in Automotive Industry

artificial intelligence

IoT in Automotive Industry

machine learning

IoT in Automotive Industry

big data analytics

What IoT-powered Automotive Solution Offers

Rejig Digital has developed an IoT solution for the automotive sector by keeping all the requirements and pain points of automotive manufacturers in mind. With advanced and user-friendly features, our tailored IoT application in the automotive industry can enable you to bring innovative changes.

IoT in Automotive Industry

In-vehicle Infotainment

Our IoT application in the automotive industry can assist manufacturers to offer In-vehicle Infotainment or IVI to its customers.

IoT in Automotive Industry

Cloud-based Assistance

Data collected by various devices and wearables are analyzed thoroughly to provide cloud-based assistance in real-time.

IoT in Automotive Industry

Predictive Maintenance

Automotive manufacturers get alerts for the maintenance of devices in advance. It enables them to reduce downtime.

IoT in Automotive Industry

Fleet Management

Automotive manufacturers can manage fleet and other related assets efficiently using the fleet management feature of our solution.

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