Faqs of Ally

What is Ally?

Ally is an AR-based platform to provide remote assistance for connecting and collaborating with experts or OEMs for achieving the desired outcome.

How does it work?

As a purpose-built remote assistance app, Ally is based on AR technology. It bridges the gap between companies and OEMs by enabling them to connect, engage, and collaborate efficiently. Ally is a real-time remote assistance solution that assists enterprises to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Can I see a Demo?

Yes, You can leave your contact details with us on the “Contact Us” page and our representatives will be in touch with you to schedule a demo.

What is the pricing for Ally?
Once I come on board, what will be the next steps?
Will I be provided training for Ally?

Yes, once you have been on-boarded our team will give you and your team members a proper demonstration on how to use the application

What is the time frame between the onboarding and implementation of Ally?
Can It be integrated with any existing remote assistance system?
How can I register on Ally?

Admin can register you once and you can get access to Ally through the registered email ID and a password assigned by the Admin. When you will log in for the first time, you will get an option to change the password, and next time onward, you can log in to the app through an email address and your selected password.

How many people can be registered?

This will depend on the subscription plan that you or your organization has selected. Usually, the plan covers anything between 10-50 members.

Can I delete registered team members?

Yes, it is possible to delete or revoke the rights of team members who have been added.

How do I start a session with an expert?

Once you open the app, you will have two options to get access- as a user or as a guest. You can either start a session as a user or join the session as a guest. If you are a user then you need to log in through an email ID and a password, but if you are a guest, then you need to add the 9-digit code to join the session.

Can multiple Sessions be held together?

Yes, you can hold. Person A and Person B can hold single session but in the same organization, Person A to B, Person C to D and Person X to Y,Z,U can have sessions.

Can the Knowledge center be accessed during a call?

Yes. During the call if Technician or On-site worker wants to access the knowledge centre while they are on call, they can access it from the calling screen and get the problem resolved.

Can I invite another person to join the ongoing session?

No. But, you can create a session and send an invite to the person you want to join in that scheduled session. 

How can I access the knowledge base?
Every equipment will have a QR code placed in your workplace. You can simply scan the QR code through an inbuilt QR code scanner in Ally. It gives you complete information including past issues, technicians who have attended the equipment, frequent problems, and manuals.
You can also access the Knowledge Base through the ‘Create Session’ section.
How can I create a new session?

In the ‘Create Session’ section, you will find tabs to start and join the sessions. You can join the session as a guest or an invitee, and start the session if you have scheduled it as a user. You can see your contacts and assets along with the ‘Access Knowledge Base’ tab on the ‘Create Session’ page. 

How can I show or see the equipment during the session?

In Ally, we have given two separate tabs in the ‘Start Session’ section. They are- ‘Use Their Camera View’ and ‘Use My Camera View’. It will enable you to see the equipment from the other side or show your equipment to the technician respectively.

Can I add person/s in a scheduled session?
Yes. You can add the person’s email address and a nine-digit code will be sent to it. The person can download the app, click on the ‘Join as Guest’ tab, and put this code to join the scheduled session.
You can see upcoming and completed scheduled sessions with the asset name, date, time, and problem description in the ‘Scheduled Session’ section.
What is the payment model for Ally? Is it based on a subscription-based or freemium model?
I forget my Ally password. What should I do now?

You can simply click on ‘Forgot Password’ link and enter your registered email address. Ally will send the password reset link to your email address, and you can reset the password. 

Can I change my Ally password?

You will get the link to reset the password when you log in for the first time. Consequently, if you want to change your Ally password, you can click on the Forget Password tab and follow the procedure to change the password.

Alternatively, you can go to the My Account section in Settings and change your password. Please note that all other details are set by your company’s administrator and you cannot change them.

Can I have live annotations during an audio-visual session?

Yes. You can click on ‘Audio-Video With Live Annotations’ in the Session Mode in Settings and get the live annotations during the session.