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IoT Smart Transportaion Solution- New Way, New Horizons

Rejig Digital has built a customized IoT solution for transportation. We drive transportation and logistics business toward the future- logistics 4 by our user-friendly, robust, and reliable solution.

Smarter, Swifter, Secure Solutions for Transportation & Logistics

Smarter, Swifter, Secure Solutions for Transportation & Logistics

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can transform enterprises digitally. One of the highly regulated sector, transportation and logistics (T & L) can leverage the benefits of IoT technology. The industry can implement IoT smart transportation solutions for efficient business operations and enable logistics companies to ensure a better performance.

Connected devices can also make traveling safer and customer-friendly.Connected devices can also make traveling safer and customer-friendly. Our IoT-based travel and logistics solution can control connected devices and facilitate various operations based on such devices and servers.

Our customized IoT smart transportation and logistics solution offers real-time tracking and analyzing of the entire process and brings digital transformation of business. Our interoperable, end-to-end Industrial IoT solution for transportation and logistics industry can analyze performance of vehicles.

How IoT Transport System can Address Challenges of T&L Business?

  • Cargo Monitoring

    In the transportation and logistics sector, at times, immediate actions are necessary. The real-time information on temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions while monitoring the cargo or fleet can help companies make such decisions.

  • Tracking Drivers

    It is possible to track the driver’s time on the road. Your company can track driver’s idle time, distance traveled, and average speed of every truck. It ensures timely delivery and effective logistics management using the IoT-based solution.

  • Asset Utilization

    It is possible to reduce the costs by implementing IoT solution in your logistics business. The asset utilization feature also enables your business to eliminate unplanned downtimes while predicting the future equipment maintenance.

  • Real-time Location Tracking

    You can effectively track fleet or vehicles and its routing activities. It helps you reduce time and increase productivity. Our IoT-based technology streamlines the entire logistics process by providing real-time data and alerts.




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Big Benefits of IoT Smart Transportation & Logistics Solution

IoT integration enables users to track he vehicle, orders, and inventory in real-time. Business benefits of the customized IoT solution extend across the value chain of the logistics sector, fleet management, and last-mile delivery.

reduce cost

Reduction in Costs

Our solution assists your logistics company to reduce overhead costs and additional expenses related to wastage of perishable goods, by monitoring and analyzing the data in the real-time.

process optimization

Optimize Processes

Our solution enables the logistics company to monitor and manage energy and fuel consumption, warehouse capacity, space utilization, and plan the entire route to optimize the logistics process.

realtime alerts

Ensure Ontime Delivery

IoT smart transportation solution is designed to ensure on-time delivery. The smart IoT solution for transportation can enhance supply chain transparency by providing real-time traceability.


Analyze Logistics Network

Our IoT solution for logistics sector can analyze the processes for following compliance, offering predictive maintenance, and eliminating the risks of transportation-related impediments.

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