Ally – Remote Assistance

Ally - An Industry Extensive Remote Assistance Platform

An AR-based platform to provide remote assistance that you can use to connect and collaborate with experts or OEMs for achieving the desired outcome.

Ally- Your AR Partner for Remote Assistance

AR-based remote assistance is a need of the hour for modern enterprises. Ally is your purpose-built remote assistance app based on AR technology that enables companies involved in heavy and complex machinery/equipment to connect, engage, and collaborate efficiently and deliver the desired outcome. This real-time remote assistance solution can assist enterprises to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability while enhancing their brand value.

Ally, as a reliable remote assistance app can successfully resolve issues like the high cost of expert visits, longer repair cycles, and the inability to monitor the employee’s productivity.With built-in features including multiparty conference calls, knowledge base, and call recording, Ally can reduce a lot of time and effort for the service sector and technicians alike. Also, Ally helps in reducing unexpectedly long downtime and damage to equipment.

Ally- Your AR Partner for Remote Assistance

High Performance Guaranteed

High Performance Guaranteed

The industry sector deals with challenges arising due to a skewed ratio between skilled and unskilled resources. It often results in skimmed profits because of a lack of access for the skilled sector and lack of guidance for the service sector.

It leads to higher costs, longer downtime, loss of productivity, inefficient workforce utilization, and monitoring. Ally, with its state-of-the-art AR-based approach aided with an optimized information management system, can be utilized by the experts for providing remote assistance. It simultaneously builds up a knowledge base for perusal for future issues and decision.

An Industry-Wide Solution

Ally, a remote assistance app can add value in the business across different industry sectors including manufacturing, automobile, pharma, chemical, agriculture, FMCG, energy, and healthcare.

Some of the major use cases of Ally are-
  • Domain experts can provide virtual work assistance to on-field workers of the manufacturing and automobile sector. This can reduce downtime significantly.
  • Agriculturists can assist farmers to improve yield and prevent crop failures through virtual monitoring of crops and on-time detection of issues.
  • Virtual inspection or audit of remote resources can ensure quality of products
  • Civil contractors and lead architects can supervise and review the on-site work in progress remotely
  • Remote assistance for defense and patrolling enables retired veterans and war experts to ensure vigilance and take swift actions as and when necessary

Efficient & Effective Service Delivery!

  • Reduce Machine Downtime

    Longer Machine downtime leads to lower productivity and performance. Ally resolves this issue by collaborating with experts in real-time and solving issues immediately.

  • Reduce Visitation Time

    Site visits of experts take more time to resolve the issue and the unavailability of experts makes the matter worse. Ally helps reduce visitation time by remotely giving access to machines.

  • Efficient Resource Utilization

    Some of the problems in a machine are recurring and the same experts and resources are not always available. With Ally, plant managers can easily check the case history of recurring problems.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customers or end-users can remain unsatisfied with lower efficiency, delay in delivery, and other issues. With Ally, you can ensure that these problems can be countered beforehand.

  • Challenge of EHS Adherence

    Employee Health and Safety (EHS) adherence is a challenge in a machine - intensive industry. Ally can ensure the employee's safety with AI- based functionality and create alerts.

  • Higher Manpower Cost

    Regular maintenance and upgrade with the expert’s visits result in high manpower costs. AR- powered Ally can help companies reduce this cost through remote assistance.


How It Works


The on-field service sector or a machine - intensive industry is expected to be equipped either with connected wearables like helmet, glasses, watch etc.


Ally platform can be integrated with smartphones to provide users with the video conferencing features studded with real-time AR-based annotation and drawing capabilities.


Remotely-located experts can provide on-point assistance/guidance with the help of a multiparty conference. Ally enables users to arrange and join such conference calls.


Vision algorithms of Ally process the field-of-view in real-time and parse the document management system on the industry’s central server for related information from the knowledge base.


Experts can harness the platform to record their tutorials or provide extra documentation in case of similar requirements in the future. Ally has built in knowledge base for this purpose.


Multiparty conference also comes with a real-time language translation and captioning features to overcome communication gaps between the service sector and experts.

How Ally Helps in Remote Assistance

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Remote Assistance

The onsite team and in-house field technician can view the scheduled remote assistance request from the app itself. Upcoming Remote Assistance shows the date and time, host or technician’s name, equipment name, and other related details. Tapping on any of these requests, the user can see the detailed screen of the Remote Assistance request. Users can also view the annotation images and video recording of the session anytime through Ally.

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Digital Annotations

Remote assistance combines live video and audio for remote and local participants to annotate their live shared views. Digital annotations stick accurately to real-world objects even when the users move around. The annotation is the best-in-class application of the AR technology. Ally will show the annotation images from the video after completing the call. The host and technician can write the problem resolution statement based on these images and the entire data will be stored in the knowledge center for future reference.

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Multiparty Conference

The user has to scan the QR/RFID/Beacon code placed on the equipment to host the call. Ally will show the complete details of the equipment after scanning. The field technician can have an option to “Call In-House Technician”, “Call Vendor”, and “Call Guest”. Users can also view the details like the listing of possible problems for equipment, problem statement search, and past problems with resolution. Guest users can get an email notification with the meeting code.

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Host Call Functionality

It enables the app user to select multiple users either from Contact Directory or by inviting the guest user. The host or app user can select the date and time and on scanning the QR code or RFID of the equipment, the app will fetch all the necessary details about the equipment. After selecting these details, Ally will give two options to the user- Show User’s Camera View and Show Technician’s Camera View.

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Problems History

Knowledge Center is one of the most important features of Ally. Problems once resolved are stored in the Knowledge Center with necessary details so that the users can see them as and when necessary.

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Guest User Functionality

The guest user will get an email notification along with the meeting code to join the call. The guest user has to download Ally and use the “Join Meeting” option. The Ally app will ask for the meeting code and once the correct code is entered, Ally will initiate the video call. Guest users need not login or register for joining the multi-party conference.

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Call Log

If the call is related to preventive maintenance and needs a schedule, then the on-site team or technician can fill the checklist of the Preventive Maintenance and submit. Both the call report and checklist will be stored in the ‘Knowledge Center’ and if any technician is on call for the same objective then they can view the Preventive Maintenance checklist as well as call report.

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Speech to Text

Ally has integrated the Speech-to-Text feature that enables participants or users to see the text of the conversation happening on a video call. Everyone connected in the call can see it on the screen of the app. Ally will transmit the audio as well during the video call and both the users (Host and technician) can have an audio and video call.

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