Bringing Industry 4.0 Revolution with Smart Manufacturing Solution

Rejig Digital brings a robust IoT solution for manufacturers that ensures growth by increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency while keeping the safety of employees at the core.

Give Your Manufacturing Industry an Advantage of Industrial IoT

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

IoT-powered smart manufacturing or Industrial IoT solution is necessary to get full visibility of assets, processes, resources, and final products in this highly competitive manufacturing industry. Globally, Industrial IoT solutions for smart manufacturing are useful for streamlining processes, simplifying complexities, optimizing productivity, and thereby improving ROI(Return on investment).

We, at Rejig Digital, know the pain points of the thriving manufacturing sector. We have developed the best-in-class IoT solution dedicatd for manufacturing industry that enables our clients to connect, protect, and improve their manufacturing operations. Our smart manufacturing solution, brings authomation, promotes digitization, and enables factory managers to collect and analyze data more effectively using the IoT technology. Our customized manufacturing solution helps them make informed decisions on time based on real-time insights.

Key Challenges that Our IoT Solution for Manufacturers Addresses

  • Improve Performance

    It is essential for the manufacturing sector to improve machine and human performance in real-time for enhanced productivity. Our IoT solution for manufacturing industry can help you achieve this objective by providing better data analysis and advanced insights.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Integration of IoT in manufacturing industry can make the processes smarter and leads your manufacturing unit toward smart manufacturing and predictive maintenance. Our solution can provide the real-time analysis of assets and equipment to minimize their downtime.

  • Quality Management

    It is the most challenging and yet highly important objective for every manufacturing industry. An industrial IoT solution from Rejig can assist manufacturers to tighten quality controls, analyze available data, and get excellent throughput from the production process.

  • Connected Assets and Workmen

    It is necessary for your company to connect assets and workmen for enhancing productivity and increasing safety. Our IoT-powered manufacturing solution connects devices, assets, and resources for augmenting performances in highly challenging environments.



IoT in Manufacturing Industry

internet of things

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

artificial intelligence

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

machine learning

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

big data analytics

What Our IoT-based Manufacturing Solution Offers

Rejig Digital has developed a customized IoT solution for the manufacturing sector to make the most of Industry 4.0 revolution for your plant. The top features of our IoT solution for manufacturers include-

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

Machine Management

We have integrated advanced IIoT features in the solution to collect and analyze data all along your production line. Our solution can help you improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) by offering real-time machine management.

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

Connected Workers, Assets

Our solution takes care of the entire network consists of sensors, devices, wearables, and resources at your plant and sends alerts to workmen related to any hazardous activity. Our solution connects workers and assets in your factory and warehouse.

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

Advanced Analytics

It helps your company predict failures of equipment and optimize the maintenance process. Our solution measures performance indexes, assesses features, and sends alerts to users about malfunctions or abnormal events.

IoT in Manufacturing Industry

Inventory Monitoring

Our integrated and customized IoT solution for manufacturing sector monitors distributed inventory and condition of various parts. It enables quick and effortless identification of probable issues that affect quality of products.

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