FMCG Sector

IoT in FMCG Sector- Fast Moving and Futuristic Solution

Our customized IoT solution for FMCG industry can grow your retail and eCommerce business by bringing more agility and flexibility in critical processes.

Boost Your FMCG Business with FMCG IoT Solution

IoT in FMCG Industry

Retail startups and established enterprises focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) concept for simplifying various business processes to achieve different objectives. Be it supply chain management, inventory management, or administration system, our feature-rich IoT solution can be customized for the FMCG industry can manage every process and helps companies reduce downtime.

At Rejig, we know what it takes to develop user-friendly IoT solutions across various industries. We have integrated IoT in FMCG solution to offer excellent product management, storage management, and fleet management. Also, our retail IoT solution can monitor physical and environmental conditions like temperature and pressure to maintain the quality of goods intact.

Key Challenges Our FMCG Solution can Address

  • Environmental Issues

    The FMCG sector deals with a plethora of items including perishable goods. It is necessary for retailers to monitor such items every time. This challenge can be effectively addressed by our customized FMCG solution.

  • Material Management

    Warehouse movement and management play a vital role in the growth of the FMCG sector. But it is challenging for vendors to monitor items in the warehouse every time. Thanks to our IoT solution, it becomes possible.

  • Fleet Management

    Another big challenge for the FMCG sector is fleet management to ensure timely delivery. With the network of connected devices, servers, and wearables, the FMCG companies can track the fleet effectively.



IoT in FMCG Industry

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IoT in FMCG Industry

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IoT in FMCG Industry

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IoT in FMCG Industry

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Major Business Benefits of Integrating IoT in FMCG

Predicting and demand planning are crucial aspects of any FMCG enterprise. Our IoT-powered solution can be easily integrated with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage orders and sales.

IoT in FMCG Industry

Supply Chain Management

It enables retailers and FMCG companies to manage the supply chain effectively using the IoT concept. It also includes inventory management and warehouse management.

IoT in FMCG Industry

Real-time Reporting

Interactive and user-friendly dashboard shows real-time reports related to warehouse movements and inventory so that retailers should not face the ‘no stock’ situation.

IoT in FMCG Industry

Asset Tracking and Management

Our smart IoT solutions for the FMCG sector offers asset management and tracking system based on connected devices to manage stock and assets effectively.

IoT in FMCG Industry

Custom Engagement

Our IoT-based FMCG solution collects and analyzes the data related to consumer behavior for enhancing customer engagement through a rich experience.

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