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Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solutions- Keeping Your Business Ready for Future

Our customized Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution helps your company bring digital transformation in processes to achieve efficiency improvements and industry 4.0 standards.

Robust Industrial IoT Solution

The Industrial IoT or IIoT segment grows at a fast pace with evolving IoT data analytics, sensor technologies, and high-end connectivity solutions. From bringing digital transformation to enhancing industrial operations through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, IIoT enables modern enterprises to make the most of IoT.

Manufacturing and heavy engineering companies can implement the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to increase cost-efficiency in internal processes and enhance value to customers. Our Industrial IoT solution, has integrated cloud computing, IIoT, and AI-based features to take manufacturing and other industries to the next level.

Robust Industrial IoT Solution

Managing Manufacturing Lifecycle with IoT Advancements

Managing Manufacturing Lifecycle with IoT Advancements

Our industrial IoT solution is built to leverage the benefit of IoT. It plays multiple role in your enterprise after integrating with a broad variety of sensors, machines, device gateways, and controllers. Our solution is designed to support your existing industrial infrastructure and IoT network consists of servers and devices.

It can manage the manufacturing/machinery lifecycle, collect, store, and analyze the sensor’s data, execute remote commands, and create rules for smart alerts. Out-of-the-box connectivity and advanced data processing features of our IIoT solution can be used for better data analysis and making informed decisions in the real-time.

Top Applications of IIoT Solution

Our high-end IIoT solution consists of futuristic technologies including Industrial IoT, AI, and Big Data to automize key factory operations while bringing digital transformation. In the edge of industrial robots and smart devices, our customized solution is one of the best industrial IoT solutions available.

We make autonomous factories a reality across various industry sectors like manufacturing, power, utility, heavy machinery, chemicals, and energy across the world while making the most of emerging and futuristicaturistic technologies including AI and IoT.

Top Applications of IIoT Solution

Which Challenges Industrial IoT can Address?

  • Productivity

    Tracking the performance productivity of a plant can be difficult. With our IIOT solutions, businesses can keep track of the plant’s performance, the equipment’s effectiveness and lot more.

  • Asset Utilization

    Effective asset management is a key to success for every industry. With advanced IoT-based features, Our solution can help you track and monitor all the assets in real-time.

  • Quality

    Plant managers need to track the overall quality performance and parameters, which processes/products have deviated from the set parameters etc. With our IIOT platform it is easier to track violations in processes, parameters and keep a check on the overall quality.

  • Process Automation

    Automation of complex business processes is challenging but with customized industrial IoT solution, you can easily bring automation in processes based on connected devices.


How Industrial IoT Solution Works?


Our IIoT solution consists of sensors, PLC/HMI/SCADA/MES, Industrial equipment/machine, connectivity, IoT Gateways & Industrial IOT Platform. It gives benefits of IoT network.


A digital twin of equipment and process will be created using the IoT technology. Our solution enables companies to make the most of existing IoT network and increase productivity.


Heterogenous machines based on IOT maturity will be retrofitted to extract the data, if need be some sensorization and instrumentation will be done to enable them to communicate to IIOT Platform.


Based on the use case machine PLC/SCADA will be configured for those process and equipment which are required to monitor Key Performance Indicator (KPI)


Industrial protocols and network protocols will be standardized to communicate with the platform in line with predefined KPIs and available data from IoT devices.


IoT gateways will be deployed at the site to aggregate, normalize, standardize, and enrichment of data fetched from all connected devices. It leads to making an interactive dashboard.


The interactive dashboard will be created based on LOB and KPI to track all activities on the shop floor. Our platform can save and analyze the available data for showing reports.


Our IIOT platform has an engine that runs logic for process automation and workflow. Data analytics for prediction and actionable insight will be generated based on use case and requirement.


Reports are generated for trends monitoring and historical analysis i.e. OEE, Quality, Productivity, CBM, Predictive maintenance, traceability, energy, etc.

Top Features of Industrial IoT Solution

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IoT devices can access the cloud through robust connectivity provided by our solution. It supports various IoT protocols and enables you to integrate applications that can work over any type of network connection through the cloud.

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Device Management

Our IIoT solution enables you to store serial number, location, MAC address, and other attributes about various connected devices. Also, our solution tracks all the devices throughout their lifecycles.

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Data Collection, Processing, Analytics

Our IIoT solution gives a lot of scope in processing of collected data. It has data collection adapters to send data to various databases or data analytics systems. It also transforms unstructured data into well-structured time series.

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Alerts and Notifications

The platform sends you alerts and notifications instantly about the devices or processes. You can easily configure and use various communication channels like email, SMS, and push notifications.

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Configuration Management

Our solution controls the device behavior, managing data processes, and offers feature flagging. This functionality comes in the configuration management feature.

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Command Execution

Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions are useful for increasing productivity and efficiency. One of the important features of Our solution is command execution to deliver customized messages to connected devices.

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The platform supports advanced multitenancy and all the tenants are implemented on the top of Keycloak realms. It enables you to work with tenants and their credentials while using the Keycloak functionality.

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Use Case

List of Solutions


Ally, a robust remote assistance platform, is based on AR technology for maintaining equipment remotely.


Data Analytics

Empowering and engaging corporate users by providing real-time data and reports though our solution.


Medical IoT

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) solution can assist healthcare organizations to implement the IoT concept.


Asset Monitoring Solution

Implement IIoT in your enterprise with our advanced asset monitoring and management solution.


Smart Building

Our IoT-powered BMS reshapes the future of real estate by making buildings smarter.


Connected Assets

We assist companies to track, monitor, and optimize assets through our smart, IoT-based solution.



Other Services

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