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    Data Analytics

    Unleashing Data Potential. Unlocking Business Value.

    Our data analytics solutions can empower and engage users by blurring the boundaries between the virtual and physical realms.

    Leveraging Benefits of Big Data in Big Way!

    Dark data or unused information about online transactions and connected devices can ruin many possibilities and create hurdles in grabbing new opportunities. AI and automation technologies can combine to provide actionable insights and 360-degree customer services in real-time. Our advanced data analytics solutions can help you achieve this objective.

    Whether you run a customer-centric enterprise or want to move your business process to the cloud, customized data analytics solutions always remain handy for your organization. We, at Rejig, believe that a reliable data analytics solution can lead your business toward success by establishing value creation services.

    Leveraging Benefits of Big Data in Big Way!

    Get Actionable Insights, Make Informed Decisions

    Get Actionable Insights, Make Informed Decisions

    Entrepreneurs focus on getting deep insights and understanding the underlying value of every type of data. e. Our customized and comprehensive data analytics solution integrates features based on BI (Business Intelligence) and Analytics to assist entrepreneurs make insightful business decisions quickly and accurately.

    Rejig houses experienced BI and analytics consultants who have hands-on experience of working on various BI projects. We have leveraged proven methodologies and cutting-edge tools.

    Importance of Data Analytics Solution

    Our customized data analytics solutions can help modern enterprises to leverage the benefits of AI and ML (Machine Learning) technologies along with Big Data. Various industries, irrespective of their scale and business model, can get actionable insights that can help them make informed decisions.

    Our advanced, reliable and feature-rich data analytics solution is designed to serve the dynamic and complex needs of various industry sectors including BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance), electronics & high technology, manufacturing, power, utlity ,eCommerce and other data-driven industries.

    Top Applications of IIoT Solution

    Key Challenges Our Data Analytics Solution Addresses

    • Transforming Business

      In today’s competitive business scenario, entrepreneurs find it challenging to survive and thrive. Our solution can transform processes by offering advanced features of big data analytics and AI.

    • Actionable Insights

      It is necessary to make available data tangible for better insights and value unlocking. Our solution provides actionable insights by analyzing the data and enable you to restructure data to make quick decisions.

    • Data Security Issues

      One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face these days is securing the data. Our customized solution can collect and store data securely thereby driving your company’s growth and enhancing business values.

    • Swift and Seamless Access

      Anytime access to actionable insights is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. Our data analytics solution can enable you to get a swift and seamless access to necessary information on the move using mobile apps.

    • Real-time Reporting

      Reports can play a vital role in making quick decisions for your enterprises. However, it is difficult to get the necessary reports in real-time. Our bespoke analytics solution addresses this challenge.

    • Data from Multiple Sources

      When data is gathered from multiple, disjointed sources, it is difficult to analyze them. Our AI-based data analytics solution can easily analyze such data to give actionable insights and the enterprise can make real time decisions.


    How Data Analytics Solution Works


    The first step is to determine the data requirements or how the data is grouped. Data can be separated by age, demographic, or gender. Data values may be numerical or divided by category.


    The second step is the process of collecting the data. This can be done through a variety of sources such as IoT sensors, controllers, wearable, mobile/computers, cameras, etc.


    Data will be collected, standardized, normalized, and cleaned so it can be analyzed properly. Once the datasets are cleaned, they can be analyzed by using various techniques.


    Modeling and algorithms (also know as mathematical formulas) may be applied to the data for identifying relationships among the variables for generating an accurate model.


    An accurate predictive model is developed based on the aggregated data using statistics, curve fitting tools, or machine learning techniques for forecasting future events.


    The predictive analytics goes beyond sorting and describing data, therefore, it relies heavily on complex models designed to make inferences about the data it encounters.


    These models utilize algorithms and ML to analyze past and present data to provide future trends. Each model differs based on the specific needs of those employing predictive analytics.


    Decision trees use branching to show possibilities stemming from each outcome or choice. it helps the solution understand various needs and inputs for specific data.


    Regression techniques assist with understanding relationships between variables. Neural networks utilize algorithms to figure out possible relationships within data sets.

    Top Features of Data Analytics Solution

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    Enterprise Data Management

    This feature enables your company to store, move, and integrate data as and when necessary. Before analyzing the data, you can manage it in a way that breaks down silos.

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    Search & Content Analytics

    It facilitates entrepreneurs and business persons to unleash the potential of unstructured data including text, images, and voice. This feature is powered by NLP and Machine Learning technologies.

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    Business Process Functionality

    Our solution assists entrepreneurs to harness talent, data, and intelligence through this functionality to deliver improved customer experiences and desired business outputs.

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    AI-based Analytics

    This feature enables you to leverage embed intelligence across various business processes ranging from marketing to sales and engagement to supply chain.

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    Use Case

    List of Solutions


    Ally, a robust remote assistance platform, is based on AR technology for maintaining equipment remotely.


    Connected Workmen

    Keep remote workers in the loop for better collaboration through our smart connected worker solution.


    Asset Monitoring Solution

    Implement IIoT in your enterprise with our advanced asset monitoring and management solution.


    Industrial IoT

    Our custom IIoT solution can assist your company to bring digital transformation in processes.


    Connected Assets

    We assist companies to track, monitor, and optimize assets through our smart, IoT-based solution.


    Medical IoT

    Internet of Medical Things solution assists healthcare organizations to implement the IoT concept.



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