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    Pharma Industry

    Take ‘Smart’ Stride with IIoT-Powered Pharmaceutical Solution

    Our robust, secure, and high-end IoT solution for the life science industry strengthens the legacy in data collection and analysis to make the industry ready to embrace Pharma 4.0.

    Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Sector with Digitalized IIoT Solution

    Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Sector - Digitalized IIoT Solution

    As IoT has started mainstreaming in the life science industry, your pharma company can make the most of it through our robust IoT solution for the life science industry.

    Though the life science sector thriving at a rapid pace, it is relatively slow to adopt technological advancements as compared to other sectors. Apart from an AI and the IoT,the pharma sector is based on data analysis for bringing operational improvements but ever-changing government policies and regulatory requirements have kept the sector reluctant to integrate advanced IoT solutions for pharmaceuticals.

    Almost all devices in the GMP manufacturing facility collect data and the pharmaceutical industry relies upon the analysis of data for improving the performance of the manufacturing supply chain. Our IoT-powered solution can enable pharma companies to increase visualization and analysis of data.

    How We Address Challenges of Pharma Sector

    • TEP Optimization

      Techno-economic parameters (TEPs) are difficult to monitor and optimize. However with our IoT based pharmaceutical solution, you can optimize TEPs with ease and maximize yield.

    • Predictive Quality

      Batch-wise manufacturing is the norm for pharmaceutical sector. Our solution provides end-to-end batch-wise process traceability and sends alerts for potential quality issues.

    • Energy Monitoring

      Efficient energy monitoring for specific consumptions is challenging. Our solution provides a centralized energy monitoring dashboard that covers all the aspects related to energy consumption.

    • Device Uptime

      Environmental parameters like temperature and physical parameters need to be checked regularly to keep the equipment up and running. Our solution can reduce unplanned failure.

    • Toxicity Check

      Pharmaceutical sector deals with a number of chemicals and some of them are toxins. Our Pharma IoT solution can send real-time alerts for toxicity and manage connected devices, workmen.

    • Asset Monitoring

      Productivity and efficiency of equipment or assets can be increased through effective asset monitoring. Our solution can monitor connected assets to maximize throughput.




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    machine learning

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    big data analytics

    What Our IoT-powered Pharmaceutical Solution Offers

    Rejig Digital’s role in the Pharma 4.0 implementation includes but not limited to help pharmaceutical companies establish the network of connected systems and equipment to get the actionable insights for making operations decisions in real-time.

    Integrated Dashboard

    All operational KPIs and production throughput, energy consumption, and other parameters are shown in the integrated dashboard.

    Process traceability

    Process Traceability

    End-to-end batch-wise process can be tracked using our solution and you can keep the watch on every aspect of the process.

    predictive maintenance

    Predictive Maintenance

    Predicting equipment failure and quality rejections through ML-based algorithms are provided by pharmaceutical solution.


    Throughput Enhancement

    Our pharmaceutical industry solution helps you enhance throughput by providing real-time information and insights.

    Environment Compliance

    Environment Compliance

    All critical parameters of the environment and compliance can be monitored effectively with predictive quality.

    utility monitoring

    Energy & Utility Monitoring

    Energy consumption and utility checkup in real-time can assist you to save big on maintenance costs and increase ROI.

    asset monitoring

    Effective Asset Monitoring

    This feature enables you to monitor equipment and other assets. Also, you can get the information about maintenance of equipment.

    connected workmen

    Connected Assets and Workmen

    Our connected assets and workmen-related feature can keep your employees away from toxins during drug manufacturing.

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