Healthcare Sector

IoT-Powered Remedy for Improved Patient Care Services

We have integrated advanced IoT-based components and advancements of emerging technologies in our customized medical IoT solution for healthcare devices and smart hospitals.

Advanced Smart Healthcare Solution for Enhanced Patient Care

IoT in Healthcare Industry

The Internet of Healthcare Things or IoHT concept involves uniquely identifiable connected devices in the medical sector. Customized IoT solutions for healthcare enable localization and provide real-time information about medical devices and equipment. It is possible to manage resources for providing higher quality care with ensured patient safety.

At Rejig, we have developed an IoT smart healthcare solution that offers flexibility and personalized experience at once. You can integrate our IoT-powered application in any facility or specialization irrespective of size and scale in the healthcare area.

How IoT Smart Healthcare Solution Addresses Complexities

  • Patient Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of remote patients is challenging for the healthcare sector. Also, the implementation of the telemedicine concept needs a robust digital network. Our seamlessly-performing IoT-based healthcare application can connect with any wearable or equipment and collect patient data in real-time.

  • HIPAA Compliance

    It is essential for every healthcare organization to follow HIPAA compliance and other regulations. With HIPAA-compliant data exchange and authorization system, our healthcare IoT solution assists the healthcare service providers to comply with major healthcare standards without affecting the quality of patient care services.

  • Device Management

    Device management is a headache for healthcare organizations. Remotely placed devices and equipment can be monitored and managed with ease using our solution. It also sends you alerts for maintenance or issues that occur in real-time so that you can take prompt action and avoid any further damage to devices.

  • Health Indicator Access

    Patient’s vital indicators like pulse rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar can be measured accurately and healthcare professionals can easily get access to these vitals using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops through our healthcare IoT solution. Seamless access to vital parameters can help healthcare professionals in diagnosis.



IoT in Healthcare Industry

internet of things

IoT in Healthcare Industry

artificial intelligence

IoT in Healthcare Industry

machine learning

IoT in Healthcare Industry

big data analytics

What Our Healthcare IoT Application Offers

At Rejig Digital, we strive to meet the most complex requirements of various industry sectors using technological advancements. Our customized healthcare IoT solution offers a range of features for healthcare service providers, including-

IoT in Healthcare Industry

Seamless Connectivity

It is designed for enabling IoT devices to access the cloud for sending and receiving data by using various security-related protocols. It enables users to share and access important data and insights as and when necessary.

IoT in Healthcare Industry

Device Management

Our IoT solution for healthcare services facilitates healthcare service providers to manage connected devices and wearable from remote places. Physicians can also construct filters based on various devices.

IoT in Healthcare Industry

Data Collection and Analysis

Our customized healthcare solution can collect the patient’s data and transmit the same securely across various devices. Physicians can also get reports and insights in real-time to make important decisions related to diagnosis.

IoT in Healthcare Industry

Real-time Notifications

IoT smart healthcare solution developed by Rejig Digital can send notifications and alerts instantly regarding the change in the patient’s condition, acute illness, or emergency. It assists physicians to act promptly.

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