Medical IoT

Healthcare IoT Solution- Remedy for Automation and Transformation

Our medical IoT (IoMT) solution enables your organization to adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) concept for improving the quality and effectiveness of your healthcare services.

Medical IoT Solution- Enabling Localization, Addressing Remote Care

The concept of the Internet of Healthcare Things or IoHT has revolutionized the healthcare sector by making medical devices connected to the Internet and communicate with each other. The medical IoT (IoMT) solutions also enable localization and provide real-time information about healthcare assets even from a remote location. Patients, irrespective of geographic distance, can get the healthcare services. .

Medical IoT a robust healthcare IoT solution aims at managing medical facilities in your organization more efficiently using uninterrupted access to data, device, and patient’s information stored in the cloud can be also used for different analysis. Flexibility while ensuring the patient’s safety and personalized experience is achievable as our solution integrates with connected medical devices.

Medical IoT Solution- Enabling Localization, Addressing Remote Care

Medical IoT- Improving Healthcare Services, Enhancing Patient Experience

Medical IoT- Improving Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid pace while integrating emerging technologies including IoT and AI. It is necessary to provide highly personalized, accessible, and real-time healthcare services to all patients.

Our end-to-end medical IoT (IoMT) solution facilitates medical OEMs and healthcare service providers to establish cross-device connectivity. Our solution integrates IoMT sensors to offer the advantage of IoT technology.

Top Applications of Medical IoT Solution

Medical IoT solution effectively addresses the mission-critical nature of IoT in healthcare sector through offering scalable and flexible solution. We have built it on modern cloud-native architecture to ensure higher efficiency and reliable functionality. As a healthcare service provider, you can also minimize the risk of downtime by eliminating a single instance of failure. Fully compliant with HIPAA and FDA requirements, our solution can integrate IoT, cloud, and Big Data advancements.

Our Medical IoT solution is ideal for leveraging the benefits of IoT and connected healthcare devices.

Top Applications of Medical IoT Solution

Key Challenges Medical IoT Solution can Address

  • Health Record Access

    It is imperative for healthcare professionals to get continuous access to the patient’s health record. Our solution enables medical staff to get access to the patient’s full medical history and condition - related data.

  • Abnormality Detection

    It is quite challenging for doctors to detect abnormalities in patients. However, inbuilt algorithms in our solution can help them find abnormalities through collecting and analyzing the available data of patients.

  • Mobile & Database Access

    It is challenging for healthcare organizations to provide continuous database access to the patient’s information on the move. Physicians can get access to the patient’s data using their mobiles through our solution.

  • Location of Patients

    Patient location is important for the telemedicine concept. Also, patients suffering from dementia need continuous monitoring. Our solution enables healthcare professionals to meet this challenge.

  • IoT System Integration

    Seamless integration of the IoT network with the existing healthcare system is challenging. Our solution acts as a catalyst between the IoT network and your existing system and integrates seamlessly.

  • Device Tracking, Data Security

    It is challenging to locate devices and ensure data security. Our HIPAA-compliant IoMT solution provides the location of devices and enables healthcare organizations to protect data.


How Medical IoT Solution Works


Medical IOT solution works by connecting different hardware like Smartphone, wearable, medical equipment, Lab & OT equipment, and sensors for the examination purpose.


The smartphone/touchpad interface enables users to input data for analysis and processing. Our IoMT Platform bridges the gap between devices and data.


Medical IoT devices gather vital data and transfer that data to doctors for real-time tracking while dropping notifications to patients via mobile apps and other linked devices.


For outpatients, the system looks for pre-loaded symptoms and tries to match with the user's disease-related data. If the match is found, the system gives the name and generates a prescription


If proper disease information is not found by the given input and other tests performed, the system contacts the doctor with the given information. Doctors also use this data trend.


The Doctor will then diagnose the patient, gives prescription, and update the symptom and disease files for future use. In a way our solution offers automated outpatient care.


For inpatient, medical equipment and wearables send data to monitor trends that can be correlated with other data. All assets and medical staff tracking help to track different movement.


Medical IoT also supports life-changing improvements to traditional medical devices, such as the smart inhaler for people with asthma. Our solution enables doctor to manage emergency.


Broader IoT use cases can be applied for leveraging IoT connectivity to monitor critical medical devices and to receive alerts when devices require maintenance or replacement.

Top Features of Medical IoT Solution

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PGHD (Patient-Generated Health Data)

Patient-generated data can be stored and shared easily using our solution. Physicians can easily get access to the data and diagnose accurately.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Our healthcare IoT solution is useful for remote patient monitoring. It also facilitates healthcare professionals to keep tabs on the patient’s health. In a way, it supports the telemedicine concept.

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Preventive Care

IoT in healthcare industry can change our lifestyle. Even healthy people can leverage the benefits of our medical IoT solution by sharing their health data with healthcare professionals regularly.

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Short-term Care

Patients who have been recently discharged after surgery or after receiving treatment for illness need short-term care. Our solution can send the data regarding the health record of such patients and they need not visit the hospital.

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Home-based Care

Assisted living facilities are simply not sufficient for every senior citizen who are alone. Medical care providers can identify them and help them use connected medical devices integrated with our solution to track their health.

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