Power and Energy Industry

Empowering Energy Sector for Bringing Smart Energy

IoT-based energy monitoring and management solution can help suppliers and power-generation companies reduce electricity loss and bring qualitative changes in production.

Transforming Power & Energy Sector with Smart IoT Solution

Iot Energy Management Solution

The power and utility industry is the backbone of the industrial world that supplies electricity to manufacturing or industrial and residential customers. As a thriving industry, the power sector needs smart energy monitoring IoT solutions to cope with the ever-increasing demand and increasing challenges. The sector is responsible for uninterrupted supply of electricity across the vast region. Our smart energy solution is based on IoT technology and other advanced features to enable the power sector to increase the efficiency of the sector significantly.

At Rejig Digital, our team has developed a high-end, IoT-based energy management solution. It measures and manages electricity distribution effectively. We integrate advanced features related to the fourth phase of the industrial revolution and IIoT into our solution. It facilitates you to address the growing demand of energy and you can easily meet the challenges of energy and utility sector.

How Our Smart Energy IoT Solution Mitigates Challenges

  • Emission Regulations

    Power companies have to follow stringent emission regulations and other compliances. Our smart energy monitoring solution can help them address this challenge.

  • Reliability Expectations

    Industrial and residential consumers expect reliable and uninterrupted energy supply every time. The IoT-based energy monitoring solution makes this task possible.

  • Retiring Workforce

    It is essential for power companies to maintain the efficiency of employees. With connected assets and workmen, our solution can assist companies to meet this goal.

  • Aging Infrastructure

    Regular maintenance and servicing is necessary to avoid damage and downtime from aging infrastructure. Our customized solution sends alerts in real-time for it.



Iot Energy Management Solution

internet of things

Iot Energy Management Solution

artificial intelligence

Iot Energy Management Solution

machine learning

Iot Energy Management Solution

big data analytics

What Our Energy Monitoring and Maintenance Solution Offers

Our customized smart energy monitoring solution has various features and functionality to keep your energy supply and distribution process seamless. You can manage your resources more efficiently through real-time actionable insights.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Asset Management

With asset data collection and digitization, our smart energy IoT solution enables electric power companies to enhance efficiency, reduce risks associated with remote assets, and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Process Optimization

In the power generation, the smart IoT power solution can improve operational processes and facilitate power companies to get optimum output. Real-time data can be collected and analyzed to provide actionable insights.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Grid Balancing

This feature digitizes the power network and makes the grid monitoring system intelligent and effective. With grid balancing it is easy to control the entire power distribution network and manage processes.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Asset Maintenance

Equipment including transmission lines, generators, and transformers need constant monitoring to prevent faults, and our solution can provide 24/7 monitoring and management of assets thereby improving reliability.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Grid Optimization

This feature offers improved reliability, enhanced distribution efficiency, and reduced costs for power generation and supply. It enables utility companies to improve grid contribution and energy distribution.

Iot Energy Management Solution

Smart Measurement

It is designed to enable utility companies to make intelligent decisions based on real-time measurement data. It can make the network more energy-efficient and assists power companies to meet energy consumption needs easily.

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