Chemical Industry

Helping Chemical Industry Move into the Future

At Rejig, we believe that automation is the need of the hour for the thriving chemical sector. Our high-end solution enables you to bring automation, optimize utilities, and increase ROI.

Chemical IIoT Solution for Enhanced Operational Capabilities

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Growing demand for smart automated solutions and the evolution of IoT technology have increased the adoption of IoT-based solutions in the chemical sector worldwide. Considering the industry’s significant strides to adopt IIoT, Rejig Digital has developed high-end IoT solutions for chemicals.

Our customized solution for the chemical industry integrates features based on IIoT, Big Data, and Machine Learning. Chemical plants equipped with connected sensors and devices can make the most of Big Data and other emerging technologies through our solution. We ensure optimum yield and optimized, automated processes using enabling technology.

How We Address Challenges of Chemical Sector

  • Single Source for All Information

    Having a single view for each and every process as well as equipment parameter is challenging for the industry. Advent of IIoT in the chemical industry has made it possible as our solution has a unified dashboard that acts as a single source of information.

  • Real-Time KPIs

    It is difficult to measure unit-wise KPIs without an integrated management solution. With our IoT-based solution, you get access to operational KPIs anytime and from anywhere. Our solution also enables you to make informed decisions based on real-time KPIs and insights.

  • Batch-Wise Process

    Merely rules or setpoints cannot govern batch-wise processes effectively. Our solution provides end-to-end process traceability with the real-time process data through a unified interface. Our solution can also send advanced alerts for potential issues thereby reducing the costs associated with quality failure.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Vibration, temperature, and other critical parameters are recorded online for some electrical and mechanical equipment only. Whereas, our IoT-based solution can record and analyze all the critical parameters along with failure modes history. It also provides ML-based alerts for critical assets.



IIoT in Chemical Industry

internet of things

IIoT in Chemical Industry

artificial intelligence

IIoT in Chemical Industry

machine learning

IIoT in Chemical Industry

big data analytics

What Our IoT-powered Chemical Solution Offers

Rejig Digital is committed to bringing disruptive changes in the chemical industry by successfully integrating the advancements of emerging technologies in the advanced IoT-based chemical solution.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Integrated Dashboard

All operational KPIs and production throughput, energy consumption, and other parameters are shown in the integrated dashboard.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Process Traceability

End-to-end batch-wise process can be tracked using our solution and you can keep the watch on every aspect of the process.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Predictive Maintenance

Predicting equipment failure and quality rejections through ML-based algorithms are provided by our chemical industry solution.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Enhanced Throughput

Our IoT-based chemical industry solution can help you enhance throughput by providing real-time information and insights.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Environment Compliance

All critical parameters of the environment and compliance can be monitored effectively with early warning and predictive quality.

IIoT in Chemical Industry

Utility Monitoring

Energy consumption, asset monitoring, and utility checkup in real-time can assist you to save big on maintenance costs and increase ROI.

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