IoT in Transportation: Benefits and Smart Applications that Scale Your Businesses

By admin_user In IoT in Transportation On December 20, 2022

IoT in Transportation: Benefits and Smart Applications that Scale Your Businesses

Although IoT in transportation is already making a lot of buzz, it’s actually an initial stage. The Internet of Things (IoT) has a huge potential to completely transform the industry. As IoT is all about collecting and sharing information between devices without human interference, the transportation sector has a lot in store for the future.

At each stage of transportation, IoT provides improved communication and information distribution. It includes applications consisting of personal cars, business motors, trains, UAVs, and different devices. It can expand throughout the entire device and includes every transportation element including visitor control, parking, gas consumption, vehicle health, fleet management and more.

IoT in Transportation


Key Benefits of IoT in Transportation Sector

IoT in Transportation

IoT is a suitable choice for transportation-based businesses to achieve various goals as smart devices offer accuracy and precision through real-time data collection. Smart devices play a huge role in the transformation of transport-based companies and a growing number of IoT implementations across the companies is proof of this fact. 

  • Vehicle Tracking

In order to enhance productivity and boost ROI, managing the route, driver’s activity, vehicle movement, and fuel consumption is crucial. As traditional systems are not successful in meeting expectations and results, enterprises are preferring smart solutions to revive their existing processes. Hence, IoT in transportation sector is a perfect solution to get businesses on track 

The IoT-based vehicle tracking and management system can efficiently track routes, manage drivers and vehicles, and control fuel consumption. IoT devices offer accurate real-time data to streamline operations and alert users to make smart business decisions. 

  • Container Temperature Monitoring

An ambient temperature inside the cargo is required to maintain the safety of the vehicle, driver, and goods. Therefore, IoT-powered temperature and RH monitoring with sensors can keep a track of any change in the temperature within the cargo. 

The data collected through IoT-based sensors is accurate and gives real-time information. Thereafter, this data is transferred to the users through mobile apps and web applications. Overall, IoT in transportation solutions can improve transparency and ensures 100% safety. 

  • Truck Weight measurement

Weighing the truck or good vehicle is a challenge for most transportation companies. However, it is the most critical task so it can’t be ignored. An IoT-based weighing system embedded with smart sensors allows the seamless measuring of accurate weight in real-time. Furthermore, the collected data can be successfully sent through mobile applications to users instantly. In addition, this system also reduces fines, removes the guesswork, improves payload, and improves ROI. 

5 Major IoT Applications in Transportation

IoT in Transportation

IoT devices are heavily deployed for a wide range of applications within the transportation industry. The aim of these applications is to offer efficient and secure transportation, especially in terms of ticketing, security, surveillance, and telematics systems.

  • Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are the most impressive thing that happens to the transportation industry. IoT has made it possible to boost the innovative idea of self-driving cars. These cars can move safely by sensing the environment without human interference.

Self-driving cars utilise sensors that can collect data about the surroundings. For example, ultrasonic sensors, acoustic sensors, radar, cameras, LiDAR (Light detection and ranging), and GPS sensors can gather information from surroundings. It helps in making data-driven decisions about mobility. The continuous collection of real-time data is transferred to either a central unit or the cloud. 

The system analyses the data in minimal time and allows the self-driving cars to perform as per the data provided. Therefore, users can enable the functioning of self-driving cars in the desired manner.

  • Effective Traffic Management

Traffic management is a core area of the transportation industry that needs the support of IoT. A magnanimous amount of traffic and vehicle-related data are gathered through CCTV cameras. Thereafter, this data is sent to traffic management centres to monitor vehicles and their owners who are violating the traffic rules. A few applications such as smart parking, automatic traffic light system, and smart accident assistance are a great help to traffic and patrolling officers for the efficient management of traffic and reducing the risk of accidents. 

  • Vehicle Tracking or Transportation Monitoring

Vehicle tracking or transportation monitoring systems are highly effective for many businesses as they efficiently manage fleets and supply chain processes. With

GPS trackers, transportation companies can instantly access real-time location, facts, and figures about the vehicle. Along with location monitoring, IoT devices can also track drivers’ behaviour and notify them about their driving style and idling time. 

IoT can reduce operating and fuel expenses along with the cost of maintenance. Real-time tracking of vehicles and transportation has made the implementation of smart decisions easier. As a result, drivers can identify the issues in the vehicle instantly and take necessary precautions when needed.

  • Automated Toll and Ticketing

As the number of vehicles is increasing on the road every day, there is no surprise that toll booths have become busy and crowded. In addition, drivers have to wait for a long time on highways for their turn. The issues arise when toll booths don’t have sufficient resources and labour to quickly assist large vehicles. 

IoT comes to the rescue in such scenarios as it offers automated tolls. RFID tags and smart sensors can efficiently manage tolls and ticketing which makes the job easier for officers. 

As many vehicles have IoT connectivity, tolling stations can easily detect those vehicles through sensors; even if they are not nearby. It helps in lifting the traffic barriers so that vehicles can pass easily. However, older vehicles might not have IoT connectivity, but they can track through smartphones. Such vehicle owners can make automatic payments through phones connected with digital wallets. 

Overall, it proves that IoT in transportation is flexible and compatible with new vehicles and can easily integrate with old vehicles for automated tolls and ticketing procedures. 

  • Enhanced Security of the Public Transport

IoT in transportation is most useful for the security of public transport. IoT makes it easier to track traffic violations and take necessary action. IoT also offers a wide range of solutions including advanced vehicle logistic solutions, passenger information systems, automated fare collection, and integrated ticketing. These solutions manage public transport by reducing traffic congestion. Owing to real-time management of public transport through IoT, transportation companies can form better communication with passengers and offer relevant information through passenger information displays and mobile devices. All these aspects of IoT have made public transport more secure and efficient. 

Ending Note

IoT in transportation is a game changer and most enterprises have already started to benefit from this emerging technology. With so many benefits and applications, transportation-based companies are increasingly leveraging the potential of IoT-empowered solutions/systems. In conclusion, the transportation sector can fundamentally transform operational efficiency including vehicle tracking, enhancing security, reducing cost, and increasing productivity.  

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IoT in Transportation