Role of Preventive Maintenance in Reducing Downtime in Enterprise

By admin_user In Preventive Maintenance On July 21, 2021

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Machine failure or downtime can cause a loss of thousands of millions of dollars across various industry sectors. As per the recent Deloitte study, unplanned downtime costs approximately $50 billion every year to manufacturers. Apart from this, companies have to face loss in productivity and failure in meeting deadlines. Here, preventive maintenance lends a helping hand and acts as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of sudden downtime with digital solutions. 

Manufacturers who want to give a seamless customer experience while maintaining the quality of products and services need to use preventive maintenance software. It is because even a slight unwanted outage can bring significant damage to processes and even the company’s reputation. Remote monitoring of the equipment at regular intervals can help companies eliminate risks associated with machine dysfunction and outage. 

An official survey has revealed that companies that deliver high-quality products and services have a greater or equal to 85% rate of preventive maintenance. Many companies have already integrated preventive maintenance software to avoid unprecedented loss and stay ahead of the curve. We can classify preventive maintenance strategy into three broad categories- schedule-based maintenance, predictive maintenance, and condition-based maintenance. 

Let’s go through the importance of preventive maintenance in modern enterprises irrespective of their size and business model. We will also understand the ways preventive maintenance will assist companies to reduce downtime. 

Importance of Preventive Maintenance Strategy for Companies

It is fair to mention that a preventive maintenance strategy should be in line with the company’s goals. This concept is designed to offer companies a competitive edge over peers by monitoring equipment and assessing maintenance procedures. 

Here are some of the major benefits of preventive maintenance software-

  • Scheduled assessment for assets to reduce their maintenance costs
  • Decrease the risks of sudden outage and injuries
  • Ensure the safety of employees and technicians
  • Enhance reliability and reduce downtime
  • Increase the overall success rate and productivity 

With this, digital transformation solutions with the predictive maintenance feature can increase the life-cycle of the machinery significantly. Let’s dig deep into the ways preventive maintenance reduces downtime. 

How Preventive Maintenance Software Can Reduce Downtime? 

Let’s define downtime. The total offline time of a machine or the period when the device is down is called downtime. It has two types- planned and unplanned. The planned downtime is useful for maintaining assets or equipment as per the schedule, whereas unplanned downtime is an unexpected failure or an outage. 

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Unplanned downtime results in a massive loss in your company’s revenue. Therefore, you need to take the assistance of preventive maintenance software. The software can improve the company’s sustainability while boosting productivity and maintaining assets effectively. Here is how preventive maintenance functionality in digital solutions can assist you to reduce the downtime of machines. 

1. Reduce Operational Costs

Preventive maintenance can assist companies to avoid the consequences of hardware failure by detecting the issue in advance. It further reduces operational costs and increases productivity. 

2. Improve Reliability

Real-time and regular inspection of the asset while assessing the overall data and checklists can improve reliability and limit the failure’s possibility. 

3. Enhance Safety

Preventive maintenance is useful for ensuring the employee’s safety by protecting the plant. It has a major role to play in avoiding any disasters. 

4. Optimize Maintenance Process

With predictive maintenance, you can predict and import the necessary spare parts on time. As a result, it is possible to avoid waste expenditure. 

5. Make Employees Ready

Preventive maintenance software can show real-time data and keep the staff updated through actionable insights for probable failure modes. 

6. Decrease Downtime Costs

Failure or even a slight downtime can increase the cost of production significantly and decrease the revenue. With preventive maintenance, companies can identify the root causes of failures beforehand. Critical data analysis and real-time reporting in digital solutions make it possible. As a result, you can decrease the downtime costs without affecting productivity. 

As per the recent report, over 80% of the companies have invested in customized digital solutions to eliminate problems related to unexpected or unwanted downtime. Digital transformation solutions can enable entrepreneurs to leverage the benefits of preventive maintenance and remote assistance for removing complications and increase productivity over the period. With this, employees also tend to work efficiently on flawless equipment. 

Concluding Lines

Digital transformation solutions are the need of the hour for modern enterprises. Be it reducing downtime or increasing productivity, digital solutions lend a helping hand in every process. The robust preventive maintenance software can reduce downtime significantly and assist manufacturers to recommence operations seamlessly and swiftly. 

We, at Rejig Digital, assist entrepreneurs to reduce downtime, eliminate outages and breakdowns, and avoid malfunctioning through advanced digital transformation solutions. We integrate preventive maintenance and other concepts into our remote assistance software. Time is just right to transform your business and take your company to the next step with our smart digital solutions. 

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