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Bringing Digital Revolution to Mitigate Challenges of Modern Businesses

Operational efficiency is of paramount importance for your enterprise. In the time when the corporate world witnesses a seismic shift to digital transformation and entrepreneurs need relevant data to make real-time decisions, you need an IT partner committed to reducing overheads, increasing revenue, and enhancing the value of your business.

At Rejig Digital, our in-house teams of developers strive to solve business complexities and neutralize challenges while strengthening our clients’ efforts for achieving their goals. Our advanced enterprise digital transformation solutions can pave the way to success through automation and digitization in business processes.

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How Our Solution Addresses Challenges 

  • Efficient Collaboration

    Efficient collaboration and effective communication hold a key to success. We collaborate with clients to envisage their digital enterprise and empower them to transform all the processes digitally. We also implement purpose-built innovative technology for better collaboration and communication across the enterprise.

  • Implement Transformation

    Digital transformation is not a norm, it is a necessity. Our top-notch digital transformation services are designed to help our clients simplify complexities and bringing automation. Our solutions enable you to leverage the power of software, IIoT (Industrial IoT), AI, and data analytics to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Maximize Revenue

    Unleashing the potential of your business can support new revenue streams. We assist you to maximize revenue and increase factory output by reducing lead times and time to market as a reliable IT partner. Our digital transformation solutions are designed to generate profitable revenue and ensure the growth of your enterprise.

  • Data-led Decision Making

    Actionable insights based on data analytics remain the game-changer. You can get data-led insights to make real-time decisions for improving customer services and increasing productivity in line with market trends and customer expectations. We integrate advancements of AI and ML to fetch the most relevant and insightful data.

  • Reducing TTM

    Getting new products to market can be up to 90% faster with streamlined data. We integrate data with processes, people, and technological advancements to reduce TTM (Time to Market) for your products. We also enable you to embrace new business models and facilitate you to increase the customer lifetime value for increasing revenue.

  • Increase Productivity

    Increased efficiency leads to higher productivity across services, manufacturing, and engineering processes. Our focus on asset efficiency, design optimization, and end-user experience work wonders for increasing the productivity of your company. We ensure every process remains streamlined, scalable, and effective in the value chain.


Solutions We Offer

We, at Rejig Inc., work dedicatedly to accomplish the vision- to convert our client’s business into a valuable outcome, digitally transform their enterprises into data-driven companies, and help them generate profitable revenue while remaining competitive. We implement innovative technologies customized to solve the challenges that hold your company back. We assist you to achieve impressive results and gain an edge over competitors.

  • 01.

    Aerospace and Defense

    Our manufacturing services provide assurance to clients that their people, processes, and products are as safe and efficient as possible. From logistics and compliance, to



  • 02.

    IoT-based BMS

    IoT acts as a mover for BMS (Building Management System). Our IoT-based BMS solution can enhance connectivity and improve accessibility for building owners and realtors



  • 03.

    Medical IoT

    Our high-end medical IoT solution can assist your healthcare organization to enter into a new era of improved diagnosis, monitoring, and services. Our customized solution



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