4 Ways Augmented Reality Is Revolutionizing Field Service Management

By admin_user In Remote Assistance On June 22, 2021

Augmented Reality Apps

As a business owner, your job doesn’t end with closing a deal or completing a sale. In the truest business sense, it begins with Augmented Reality field service. The remaining is turning your customers into loyal fans and making them your brand evangelists. 

To keep your cash registers ringing, you shouldn’t just work on acquiring new customers but sustain the existing ones and keep them coming back to you for more business. 

This is where after-sales customer service becomes crucial. After your customers purchase a product or service from your business. They either become happy doing business with you or regret it. Honestly, you have control over this situation and you could very well make your customers incline towards the former emotion. 

So far, ensuring customer satisfaction after sales was one of the primary responsibilities of field management experts. They would personally visit customers, give them handouts or manuals, give them a rundown of their features and operations & perpetually be available for customer support. 

However, things are changing drastically now. Thanks to digital transformation in businesses and the onset of augmented reality remote assistance & field management has gone digital and how. 

In this post, we are going to explore how AR apps have revolutionized post-sales customer service & made way for immersive orientation experiences. 

Ways Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Field Service Management

1. 3D Visuals And Imagery

If you look at manuals, they are one dimensional. Their evolutionary counterparts – YouTube videos or in-house tutorials are two dimensional. At any given point of time, customers don’t have complete knowledge of how to assemble their products, troubleshoot them or understand their features and functionalities.

With augmented reality field service, customers can have 3D renders of their products – exact models – and get to know them better for seamless operations. From setting them up to running diagnostics, they can do everything by themselves. 

2. Product-specific Procedures

Every model is unique in terms of its build, operations and features. Instead of brands investing in personalized manuals and guides. The launch of AR apps will allow customers to select their product’s model numbers.

Product demos could be done through augmented reality solutions and services could be initiated accordingly as well. This is really helpful for people who are not technically sound to work with devices. 

For instance, an elderly couple trying to set up IoT-powered surveillance systems can get complete details through augmented reality field service and its immersive visuals. 

3. Augmented Reality Remote Assistance

One of the major advantages of AR is its remote assistance functionalities. Field service associates no longer have to personally visit households or enterprises and address every single complaint.

For the rest, AR remote assistance can offer super-helpful resources and solutions. For any error message, glitch or breakdown, customers can use their device and open their AR apps. By scanning the error message or identifying the trouble, they can be automatically taken to the appropriate FAQ page or an internal video that shows them how to fix the concern. If it cannot be fixed, remote assistance app can automatically schedule service appointments for them. 

4. Periodic Services, Maintenance And Inspection

Yet another benefit of augmented reality solutions is that technicians and associates can conduct periodic maintenance of products and devices from remote through AR remote assistance apps. 

Through a wearable device, technicians can know any chances of device malfunctioning, concerns and customer’s pain points in operating the device. They can immediately offer real-time solutions in a step-by-step manner or take over the device through remote monitoring applications and resolve them from wherever they are. This eliminates the time required for customers to wait for servicing and improves customer satisfaction as well. 

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Advantages Of Augmented Reality Remote Assistance And Field Maintenance

There are tons of advantages AR solutions offer to both customers and companies. While customers have the advantage of getting their conflicts resolved quick, companies have the following benefits: They can reduce the expenses on truck rolls. Companies can save a lot through AR-powered remote assistance. 

It is easier for companies to train batches of service technicians and associates. Through wearables, headsets and AR apps, they can offer immersive training to new recruits. This helps companies save time and money on employee training. This also helps businesses tackle attrition, where new technicians join every month or fortnightly. 

Companies can optimize their products’ or devices’ uptime by immediately addressing concerns over remote assistance. Customers no longer have to wait for a couple of hours to talk to an associate.

Wrapping Up

AR-powered solutions are not just creating an impact in sectors like retail & entertainment but in less-conventional sectors like field management, too. As newer use cases of augmented reality field service arrive, we would see happier customers and more efficient technicians. 

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