How FMCGs can Utilize Digital Transformation Solutions to Stay Ahead

By admin_user In Digital Transformation On July 9, 2021

digital transformation solutions

What would you do if you needed something today? Probably go online, look for that thing and order it, right!! Think about the same scenario but 10-15 years back; one had no other choice than to head out to get the respective thing. This is how digital transformation solutions have affected the FMCG and various other sectors. Moreover, the disruption of the digital transformation in fmcg has also elevated its market.

As per Allied Market Research, the global FMCG market is expected to hit the massive $15,361.8 billion mark by 2025. One thing is clear that with the advancement in digital technologies, these numbers are not going to stop any time soon. Plus, the inclusion of IoT in FMCG industry has also taken it to new heights.

There are countless other aspects that have led to Digital transformation in FMCG industry. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Remote Asset Monitoring System

The key factor governing a better customer experience is the production process. The more efficient the production process, the faster the products reach the market and better the customer retention.

By integrating IoT sensors in these sets of equipment, FMCGs can track their environmental and physical parameters in real-time. This can further help in analyzing their current state and take necessary actions before something goes south.

Rejig Digital caters you with a remote asset monitoring solutions that helps in viewing and analyzing data remotely. You can use our state-of-the-art solution to manage your industrial machines or devices, no matter if it is automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, power, or else. It will increase productivity, enhance asset performance, and will also ensure low maintenance costs.

2. Connected Worker Solution

The workforce is the heart of the FMCGs. No matter how automated the production process is, the front-line workers of a firm always aware of the industrial processes if anything less than friendly happens. To ease the work of the frontline workers and assist them in their routine tasks, Rejig Digital developed a customized connected workmen solution.

The solution establishes connectivity with various information systems of the industry. This, in turn, helps workers to handle routine processes efficiently and elevate overall productivity. Moreover, it also digitizes the paperwork, eases the payroll process, enables safe access permissions, and assists in maintaining employee records.

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3. Smart Connected Assets

The producers of the consumer goods need to have maximum production output to fulfill the demands of the market and its users. For this, the number of the equipment for producing and packaging the goods will also be high. To ensure that these machines or equipment work as required and do not get stolen, it is necessary to keep oversight.

Rejig Digital can help FMCGs with that. Their ingenious connected asset solution helps FMCGs track their industrial assets using location tracking and also helps in reducing operating costs. Further, FMCGs can effectively manage assets and equipment, leading to better productivity.

Some salient aspects of smart connected assets solution are:
  • It uses RFID tags and LAN to track the current location of the assets.
  • Eliminates overhead costs by reducing delivery delays.
  • Real-time insights help analyze equipment properly and increase asset utilization.

4. Customer Delight

The key motive of bringing digital transformation in FMCG industry is customer delight. It is pretty obvious that if you want to grow your retail or commerce business, you need to keep your supply chain intact to serve the customers well. To do that, FMCGs need to ensure that their inventory management, fleet management, and administration systems run smoothly.

Rejig Digital is the firm that helps FMCGs streamline their numerous business management processes using technologies like IoT, Machine learning, Big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Rejig Digital can help you manage materials, track environmental issues, and subsequently engage customers by analyzing their behavioral data. Thus, reducing downtime and boosting your revenue numbers.

5. Inventory and Logistics

IoT in FMCG industry is not just limited to monitoring machinery. There is more to it. The Internet of Things can be leveraged to manage inventory by using various smart devices like cameras, sensors, and trackers. These devices are used to keep real-time track of inventory using RFID tags and barcodes. Thus enabling FMCGs to reduce human effort, detect inventory shortage, overstocks and curb inefficiencies.

Other than this, the role of IoT in Digital transformation in FMCG industry extends further. The sensors that transmit data to the central IoT gateway to track vehicles carrying stocks of FMCG products. With such digital technologies in place, one can easily reduce delays in product delivery and enhance the overall business process. The concept of autonomous vehicles is not that trendy yet, but it is one of the futuristic digital transformation solutions.


To wrap it up, it is safe to say that there are countless digital transformation solutions that FMCGs are leveraging and can further use to streamline their business process. With advanced solutions in place, FMCGs can deliver more than customers expect and way quicker. Moreover, the digital trends are not just limited to data analytics and IoT. There are various other trends like AI, ML, Deep learning, etc., that will revolutionize the future FMCG ecosystem.

digital transformation in fmcg