Remote Asset Monitoring Management

Advanced Monitoring and Management of Assets- Remotely!

Our remote asset monitoring & management solution is designed to use the advancements of IoT to ease the execution of operations and maintenance tasks remotely.

Managing Assets, Increasing Productivity

The real-time remote asset monitoring system can help modern enterprises achieve this objective by utilizing the IoT technology. Sensors are added to the equipment for measuring pressure, temperature, and other important parameters.

Our IoT-based remote asset monitoring and management solution can use the data fetched by these sensors to check whether the numbers obtained are above or below the set values. It helps companies take necessary action in real-time to avoid a major breakdown of the equipment or potential damage to the system.

Managing Assets, Increasing Productivity

Real-Time Insights for Real-time Decisions

Real-Time Insights for Real-time Decisions

Our solution enables users to unleash the full potential of IoT by providing real-time insights on various parameters of remote asset management and monitoring.Be it the environmental conditions like temperature and humidity or technical parameters like energy consumption and comparison, our can fetch and integrate all the data to provide enhanced visibility remotely.

Your enterprise can get end-to-end connectivity between assets and business processes. Our remote asset management solution can enable you to maximize asset availability and enhance production scheduling.

Manufacturing to Metals & Hospitality to Healthcare- Our Solution Covers All Sectors!

In today’s highly competitive scenario, entrepreneurs strive to reduce production costs by improving productivity by enhancing the utilization of equipment. Rejig Digital has built a remote asset monitoring and management solution to enable managers to view the data remotely and make decisions in real time.

As an effective remote asset monitoring solution, it can manage all asset-intensive sectors including manufacturing, automotive, chemicals, power & utilities, mining, oil & gas, healthcare, and metals. It also integrates seamlessly with all your brownfield equipment and core business processes to provide improved visibility. Our solution fetches data from sensors added to the equipment for measuring environmental and physical parameters.

Manufacturing to Metals & Hospitality to Healthcare - IOT

Improves Utilization, Reduces Operating Expenses

  • Reduced Downtime & Improved Productivity

    Longer downtime can reduce productivity significantly. With the real-time monitoring and maintenance data, Our remote asset monitoring management solution can resolve this issue effectively.

  • Reduction of Unplanned Maintenance

    Any unplanned or unscheduled maintenance can cost high for the company. With our asset monitoring solution, you can reduce the instances of such unplanned maintenance.

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

    Maintenance costs weigh too much on operational expenses especially when the company gets unplanned maintenance. Our solution can manage the maintenance schedule effectively.

  • Improved KPIs & Prioritized Maintenance

    KPIs can impact the profitability Also, the equipment maintenance process is cumbersome. Our solution enables you to improve KPIs and fetch data to prioritize the maintenance.

  • Increased Asset Life & Improved Efficiency

    Lower asset life can increase operational costs and frequent downtimes can decrease efficiency. With intelligent insights and analytics, our solution assists you to eliminate these issues.

  • Reduction of Collateral Damages

    Collateral damages can hurt productivity and increase operational cost to the company. our remote asset monitoring solution can reduce collateral damages with ease.


How Asset Monitoring Solution Works


Sensors, PLC/HMI, Industrial equipment/machine, Connectivity, IoT Gateways/Controller & RMM Platform are major elements of the remote asset monitoring solution.


Assets will be connected or retrofitted with sensors and controllers to enable data extraction to communicate with the RMM Platform and our solution than implement KPIs.


Our remote asset management solution configures assets to monitor critical KPI i.e. health, process, or CBM parameter. Than the assets are analyzed for performance.


Assets will be connected to the cloud-based application using WiFI, LAN, or GSM to get data steam for remote monitoring and management for ensuring efficiency.


Our solution has a built-in IoT gateways controller to perform tasks like data aggregation, normalization, enrichment & analytics for better monitoring and management of assets.


Our IoT-based remote asset monitoring and management platform has an engine which will run logic for process automation, workflow, big data, and data analytics.


In the next-step, condition-based monitoring of assets will be done for predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines using combined IoT and AI technologies.


Our solution shows some important equipment health-related indicators on the dashboard and the mobile app so that users can get the updates on the move.


The real-time reports can be generated to monitor trends and historical analysis for Runtime, Cycle Time, condition-based maintenance, and utilization through our solution.

Top Features of Remote Asset Monitoring Solution

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Centralized Monitoring

With remotely connected assets and autonomous, centralized monitoring, our solution offers efficient maintenance of the assets. It results in reduced operating costs and effective disaster control. Centralized monitoring also assists companies to schedule maintenance based on the real-time data.

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Asset Utilization

Effective asset utilization is essential for more productivity and enhanced efficiency. It shows how assets are utilized in the plant or unit. , As a robust asset monitoring tool it helps businesses remain assured of getting the maximum output from their assets. In a way, companies can make the most of their assets.

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Asset Condition Monitoring

With its advanced IoT-based functionality, our solution fetches the real-time data regarding environmental and physical conditions of the equipment. It provides actionable insights to the company and enables users to schedule maintenance and repair of the specific equipment for improving the condition.

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Asset Workflow Automation

As a powerful remote asset management solution, it enables you to simplify complex processes and bring automation in the workflow for increasing productivity. Our customized software can keep the track of all assets in the organization and facilitate the users to streamline various operations.

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Predictive Maintenance

Our solution is integrated with advanced analytics to collect the data from sensors of the equipment and enables your company to repair or replace any of the components just before they fail or damage. The JIT (Just-in-time) maintenance approach can reduce the parts and labor costs as well as asset outages.

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Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Our solution provides customized reports related to assets, which include comparison reports, asset performance reports, and the like. The advanced analytics feature provides real-time reports and other necessary data at scheduled intervals that help you make informed decisions and maintain high productivity.

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