Connected Workmen

Futuristic Field Force Solution for Enhanced Efficiency

Our connected worker IoT solution is designed to connect workers for better collaboration and improved productivity whilst streamlining the process.

Connected Workmen Solution - Connecting Workforce Seamlessly and Securely

An intensely competitive business scenario compels entrepreneurs to increase the employee’s productivity. Irrespective of the size and scale of your company, you need to increase the efficiency and productivity of your workforce to stay ahead of the curve. Our connected workmen solution is designed to assist you to achieve this objective. It helps you ensure that the entire workforce goes in the right direction to gain a common goal.

Our smart connected worker IoT solution can improve the effectiveness of your field force by giving them seamless access to insights. Our customized solution enables them to make better decisions in real-time.

Connected Workmen Solution - Connecting Workforce Seamlessly and Securely

Why Connected Workmen Empowering Workforce, Enhancing Performance

Why Connected Workmen Empowering Workforce, Enhancing Performance

Empowering your front-line workers through real-time information is imperative for implementing a strategy for Maintenance, Inspection, and Operation processes. Also, in the case of remote workers, the connected worker solution can enhance safety and improve compliance.

Rejig Digital has developed a customized connected workmen solution to establish seamless connectivity among your front-line workers through different information systems at the plant. Based on the IoT network, Our customized solution facilitates your connected workers to carry out routine processes efficiently and improve operational productivity by enhancing the utilization of assets. Our customized connected worker solution ensures higher efficiency for modern businesses while reducing errors and bringing automation.

What Challenges Our Solution Aims to Solve at Work Field?

  • Paperwork

    Paperwork needs a considerable amount of time and effort. Also, it may create hurdles in finding the necessary information as and when necessary. Our solution automates various processes related to your workforce and reduces paperwork by introducing digitization.

  • Payroll Process

    Many companies face the challenge of managing the payroll process especially with the insufficient records of remote workers’ contributions. Our tailored solution can make the entire payroll process easy and simple with the real-time access .

  • Authentication

    Setting up secure access to confidential information and authentication is crucial for any industry. Our robust connected workmen digital transformation solution, facilitates you a safe and seamless access. Also, you can get the live entry and exit notifications.

  • Employee Records

    Companies find it difficult to maintain records of individual employees or remote workers. Also, it is hard to get the real-time information of the remote workmen. Our connected workers solution provides individual employee’s records with on the dashboard in real-time.

  • Productivity

    Connectivity issues can adversely impact collaboration and coordination among workers. Our solution, with advanced features and seamless connectivity with workers at the remote places can assists you to increase productivity and efficiency.

  • Strategy Planning

    It is quite a task to make a maintenance strategy for remote assets and notify the employees about it in the real-time. Our connected workmen solution can assist the management to make a strategy and notify employees for maintenance of the assets and equipment.


How Connected Workmen Solution Works


Major elements of Connected Workmen Solution include tags/wearable - Reader/Transistor, Connectivity, and Cloud platform.


Various tags (like wearable, Card, smartphone) are enrolled to specific workman or employee for enhance connectivity.


The positioning of readers/transmitters will be done on the basis of site layout and accuracy of location tracking requirement.


Movement logging, dwelling time, who has spent how much time with whom and in which area can be tracked to monitor their activities.


Our connected worker solution accomplishes automated attendance and productive hours monitoring to ensure employees' efficiency.


Transmitter/Reader will send tag data on certain defined intervals and change of location of tag to cloud-based connected workmen platform.


Employee and Workmen will be tracked based on their location in real-time – the solution provides active & inactive time duration


This data will be used for tracking the workman’s unauthorized access to some area or equipment by geofencing and the solution sends an alert


Safety and Security can be deployed for preventing access to the prohibited area and hazardous area, height work based on workmen’s health data


Zone-based or real-time location services give us details where devices are situated, movement, idling, and other stats


Connected workmen platform has the capability to store and present the data about location tracking, movement, productivity, unauthorized access, etc.


The report can be generated using predefined role-based reporting to monitor certain important KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Top Features of Connected Workmen Solution

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Real-time Location

Connected Workmen solution enables you to track the real-time location of remote employees during their working hours. It also sends you an alert if somebody is wasting time instead of working in a remote place.

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Performance Analysis

Interactive dashboard shows informational and insightful graphs related to the worker’s daily activities and monthly goals of the on-field staff. You can easily analyze the performance of every worker through it.

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Leave Management

Connected Workmen solutionhelps the HR department by managing the employee’s leaves. Our solution enables you to manage leaves through a mobile app, so there is no need to send an email for applying, approving, or rejecting the leave.

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Expense Manager

You can keep a check on expenses through this feature. It enables you to upload the expenses in real-time using your mobile. You can also upload the image of the bill for future records.

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