How Augmented Reality Remote Assistance App Benefits Industries

By user-admin In Remote Assistance On January 11, 2021

How Augmented Reality Remote Assistance App Benefits Industries

Augmented Reality app (AR) has already gone beyond gaming and started gaining ground in the corporate sector quickly. Be it offering a rich visual experience to customers or providing training to employees with an immersive experience, AR remote assistance always works wonders in various industry sectors. As this futuristic technology is getting mainstreamed in the industries, new scopes have emerged, and one of them is remote assistance. 

We will dig deep into AR remote assistance in this blog and see how the augmented reality-based solution can help companies make the most for remote assistance. Let’s start from scratch and see what exactly is an augmented reality based remote assistance?

Introduction to Augmented Reality Remote Assistance 

As the name suggests, augmented reality-based remote assistance software can enable brands and product experts to guide and collaborate with customers through a visually pleasing, immersive experience. Originally, the concept of remote assistance came into existence for enabling technicians to view or control a mobile device or computer remotely for solving issues. Augmented Reality technology takes this concept to a new level. 

AR remote assistance tool combines AR and video streaming technologies to link the headquarters to the field. It facilitates users to solve hardware issues remotely and seamlessly by converging the physical and virtual worlds.

How Augmented Reality Remote Asset Solution Works?

Augmented Reality-based remote asset solution adds value in the business across various industry sectors like automobile, pharma, chemical, agriculture, FMCG, healthcare, and energy. From agriculturists to manufacturers and civil contractors to defense personnel, all can leverage the benefits of Augmented Reality app. 

The on-field service sector or a machine-intensive industry can be equipped with connected wearables that can be controlled effectively using smartphones. The AR remote asset solution can be integrated with smartphones. Features like video conferencing, highlighting capabilities, and digital annotations based on AR technology can help users to collaborate as and when necessary using their smartphones. 

Here, remotely-located experts can provide on-point assistance to field workers with the help of multiparty conference calls. During the call, they can see the field-of-view in real-time and give instructions accordingly. Experts can utilize the platform for recording their tutorials and sharing valuable information. 

Top Features of AR Remote Asset Solution

1. Remote Assistance

This is one of the most important and useful features of the Augmented Reality app. An in-house technician and on-field employees can view the scheduled request at once through a remote assistance app. It enables users to connect and collaborate to resolve the issue remotely.

2. Digital Annotations

The remote assistance tool combines live video and audio for local and remote participants. It enables users to annotate their shared views live. Digital annotations stick to the real-world objects accurately & do not detach even when the user keeps on moving. 

3. Multiparty Conference

The user can host the call with teammates or experts using this feature. The remote assistance tool can show the complete details of the equipment that needs maintenance after scanning its barcode or QR code and on-field employees can get real-time assistance from experts for repairing the equipment. 

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4. Host Call Functionality

It enables users to select multiple participants for hosting a call either from the Contact Directory or by inviting guests. The remote assistance app based on AR technology offers two options- User’s camera view and the technician’s camera view for effective collaboration. 

5. Problems History

This is a unique feature that facilitates the users to find the reference of the same situation or issue that occurred in the past.

6. Guest User Functionality

A few of the top-notch remote assistance tools offer this functionality & facilitates users to invite guest users by sending them a meeting code for joining the conference call. The tool sends an email notification to the guest and on accepting the invitation, they can join the call. 

All these features make the solution useful across various areas of the industry sector. Let’s go through some of the top use cases of a customized remote assistance solution based on AR. 

Top Beneficiaries of AR Remote Assistance Solution

Augmented Reality remote assistance benefits any business in providing technical assistance over the phone or in person. Contact center agents, technical experts, and field service organizations can use this solution for resolving the technical problems of their customers. When experts cannot go to remote places in person, they can assist on-field workers using this solution and contribute to boosting productivity and increasing the satisfaction of corporate clients. 

These days, AR-based remote assistance app is gaining ground rapidly across various industries including Telco’s (Communication service providers), consumer electronics, utility, manufacturing, insurance, & financial organizations. OEMs and retailers can also make the most of this technology for troubleshooting, reducing operational costs, promoting safety in the field, & complying with EHS standards while boosting productivity.  

Concluding Lines

Goldman Sachs has predicted that AR will be an $80 billion market by 2025. Talking about the remote assistance tool, it utilizes AR technology to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. These days, remote working has become a new normal. The Augmented Reality remote assistance solution is like a blessing of technology to get assistance in real-time. 

Rejig Digital has introduced Ally, a robust augmented reality-based remote assistance tool. As a purpose-built app, Ally can provide support to connect & collaborate with experts or OEMs to deliver the desired outcome.  Ally is aimed at resolving issues like the longer repair cycles and higher costs of expert visits. Drop us a line at, if you want to know more about Ally or book your demo. We will get back to you soon!