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    Use Case Ally

    Ally- Your AR Partner for Remote Assistance

    Ally is an AR-based platform to provide remote assistance for connecting and collaborating with experts or OEMs for achieving the desired outcome. Ally is fully customizable to the IT network of your enterprise.

    AR-Powered Remote Assistance Platform for Enterprises

    Ally, an AR-based platform, is designed for providing virtual and real-time assistance to on-field workers. Ally enables remote employees to avoid unexpected damage and unwanted downtime. We customize Ally as per your company’s needs and advancing remote assistance technology based on AR.

    Lack of Real-time Assistance



    On-field workers need virtual work assistance as well as real-time assistance in the case of damage or malfunctioning of equipment. It is quite difficult for companies to send experts to remote places for resolving issues of the equipment. OEMs may be unable to visit the site for repair and maintenance as well. Also, site visits of experts take more time to resolve the issue. As a result, business processes suffer a lot, and downtime increases while productivity and efficiency reduce.



    Ally acts as a robust platform that enables remote workers and experts to collaborate in real-time and solving issues immediately Ally has Knowledge Base that facilitates on-field workers to find whether the same issues occurred before, and they can easily find the solution As a remote assistance platform, Ally helps enterprises reduce the expert’s visitation time by giving access to machine and equipment remotely.



    Issues are resolved quickly and downtime reduces significantly. Productivity and efficiency of remote employees do not suffer. All the equipment and the entire system work seamlessly Unwanted maintenance of equipment can be avoided. Chances of mishap or accidents due to damaged machine are reduced.

    Adherence to EHS



    Companies have to adhere to EHS (Employee Health & Safety) standards. It is related to ensuring the safety of employees in the workplace. However, it is quite challenging for machine-intensive companies. For EHS adherence, skilled and certified resource only can operate or maintain plant & machines, instances where unauthorized access, leads to have mishaps and safety violation. Remote ops & guidance at remote area & hazardous area is challenging – it’s impossible to send domain matter experts at multiple sites because of shortage. Heavy Engg Equipment’s, Hazardous Areas, Overhead Cranes operator are more complex to operate because of limited visibility they will be seeking remote assistance to operate safely.



    Ally application is true collaboration on adverse situation by bringing all together for safe plant operation. Ally can help ensure the safety of employees by combining the features of AI and IoT technologies. Remote experts can help operator at field through augmented reality and mixed reality for safe operation to avoid misshapes. Potentially hazardous equipment can be monitored effectively from a remote place using Ally. Knowledge base and SOP can be made handy for quick review about past maintenance history and other important aspects.



    Companies can effectively comply with EHS standard for remote employees as well. Machine-intensive companies can ensure the safety of employees. Life Threatening or hazardous circumstances can be avoided. Training and extended assistance will help remote plant operators to perform task safely. Remote and Near video steam will bring more visibility to be extra vigilant about activities being performed in complex environment.