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    Use Case Connected Assets

    Connected Assets - Robust Solution for Reliable Connectivity

    Connected and assets is an IoT-based, AI-powered platform that seamlessly connects assets. It transforms business processes by offering workflow management and real-time connectivity between the management and assets.

    Connected Assets Solution with Customized Features

    Lack of real-time tracking keeps many of your remotely placed assets underutilized. Also, it is challenging to get real-time information about the whereabouts and maintenance of various assets or equipment for a large enterprise. Our custom connected assets solution can resolve these issues effectively.

    Under Utilized Assets



    Large manufacturing units and heavy engineering plants have invested heavily in assets. Over 60 to 70% of investment goes into assets for various plants. But, due to a lack of monitoring or real-time tracking, many assets remain underutilized. Failing to find the real-time location of assets, companies tend to order them again, which results in the addition of inventory in the name of shortage. Also, industries cannot utilize available assets as and when necessary due to failure in finding their location.



    Our connected assets solution can effectively locate assets staying at remote locations. It assists the enterprise clients to find assets as and when they want to use them.



    Finding the location of assets in real-time ensures better asset utilization. In a way, our connected assets solution increases productivity over the period.

    Lack of Real-time Information



    Companies have to use resources for finding assets if they are not monitored and tracked properly. Lack of real-time information about the whereabouts of assets leads to wastage of resources. For Challenges-SMEs and large enterprises with remotely placed plants, find it it difficult to keep the track on the movements in the real-time. The lack of monitoring of assets makes manager unaware of the location of some of the assets.



    Our connected assets solution is based on IoT technology and trcks all the connected and  Non Connected  assets so that the staff can locate them and find in which corner of the plant they have placed. Our solution enables companies to locate assets for better utilization, and ensures better compliance with all the audit records in a single click.



    Companies can utilize all the equipment and improve their processes effectively using the necessary assets. Our solution helps companies save big on time and resources while monitoring assets and providing the real-time information.