Use Case Connected Workmen

Connected Workmen- Smart Field Force Solution for Enhancing Efficiency

Our customized connected worker solution is based on IoT technology and designed to connect remote workers with the company for better collaboration and enhanced productivity while streamlining business processes.

Custom Connected Workmen Solution for Improved Productivity

Every enterprise needs to curb unproductive and random movements of employees. Also, it is necessary to prevent any unauthorized access to restricted areas for complying with EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) standards. Our connected workmen solution helps modern enterprises to make the most of remote resources.

Unproductive Movements of Employees



Employee Tracking

In big factories or remotely located plants, it is difficult to track the employee’s movement. The company management cannot keep watch on the movement and gatherings of employees. It is also challenging to find whether people gather at one corner while working together in the plant and restrict their unnecessary movements from one department to another department in the factory. This unwanted, unproductive movement leads to a decrease in productivity. Also, it is a herculean task for the management to find how many hours contract laborers have spent standing in front of the machines.



Our connected workmen solution can get the data from wearable tags. These tags can act as an ID card of employees and work in a 10 to 20-meter range for tracking the employees. Our solution provides real-time data of employees’ movements and activities. Also, contract laborers’ accuracy and activities can be easily tracked, and our solution can provide a data-based report related to their work.



Companies can get rid of unwanted movement or unnecessary gatherings of employees during working hours. Our solution gradually increases the productivity and efficiency of employees by tracking their activities.

Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas



Protecting the health, safety, and welfare of employees is an employer’s responsibility. It can be dangerous for employees to access heavy machinery or equipment without any knowledge or skills in large manufacturing plants. It can be life-threatening. However, it is a big challenge for companies to find and restrict any unauthorized access to a hazardous or dangerous area.  



The connected workmen solution has a built-in geo-fencing-based feature. It sends a geofencing alert or notification to the manager or safety officers as any unauthorized person attempts to enter a hazardous area. Our solution assists companies to ensure that only authorized and skilled person can visit or operate the machine by mapping the skills for operating machines and plant safety. The connected workmen solution also sends real-time tracking reports to HR and the project manager. 



Our solution enables entrepreneurs to ensure the safety of employees and protect their plants from any unauthorized access.