Use Case Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT Solution- Make Your Business Ready for Future

Our customized Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution can transform your company’s processes digitally to increase efficiency and comply with Industry 4.0 standards. Our solution is based on evolving IoT and data analytics technologies.

Tailored Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solution for Modern Enterprises

A manufacturing plant or a large engineering unit needs constant monitoring of equipment and assets to avoid any unexpected downtime, increase productivity, improve quality, and enhance availability. Our customized IIoT solution for industries ensures regular maintenance by fetching the real-time data related to various parameters for equipment on the shop floor.

Reduced Productivity



Productivity suffers when shop-floor machines or equipment do not work in sync. In a large manufacturing or engineering unit, many machines operate at once and in collaboration with one another. If any sudden damage occurs than productivity of the plant reduces significantly. It is because all the machines or equipment work together and they may stop working abruptly that leads to unexpected downtime.



Our industrial IoT solution includes real-time asset monitoring for shop-floor equipment. Our solution also performs machine-wise parameter monitoring and sends warning alerts to the operator or supervisor in the case of any performance issue occurs in the machine. Also, our IIoT solution ensures better utilization of assets in the plant by tracking their cycles.



Companies can maintain productivity by avoiding unexpected downtime or sudden damage. Real-time data related to process parameters for individual equipment or machines on the shop floor enable companies to handle other productivity-related issues effectively.

Regular and Real-time Maintenance



Real-time Maintenance - Challenges

It is necessary for the manufacturing units or factories to maintain all the equipment on the shop floor. However, getting real-time data for each machine’s performance and cycle monitoring is difficult especially when all the machines work in sync. This difficulty leads to performance and quality-related issues over the period. Chances are high that any of the equipment stops working abruptly due to non-maintenance. 



Our IIoT solution is designed to monitor all the parameters of shop floor machines and equipment. All the machines utilized for the continued or batch process are connected with the server and devices to fetch the real-time data of performance and other parameters. It assists companies to make decisions for regular and real-time maintenance of various machines in the plant. 



Companies can eliminate issues related to productivity and quality effectively while ensuring higher utilization of machines. Regular maintenance of machines also improves their performance and reduces the risk of unexpected downtime.