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    Use Case Remote Asset Monitoring

    Advanced Monitoring and Management of Assets- Remotely!

    Our feature-rich remote asset monitoring and management solution is capable of executing operations and monitoring assets remotely by utilizing the advancements of IoT technology.

    Bespoke Remote Asset Monitoring Solution

    Productivity and efficiency of equipment go hand in hand. Modern enterprises need a robust solution for monitoring remote assets. Our bespoke solution can easily meet the key issues like underutilization of remote assets and their real-time maintenance. Our solution also aims at reducing unexpected downtime.

    Underutilization of Assets



    Remotely placed assets or equipment need continuous monitoring for eliminating downtime, unwanted damages, and performance-related issues. Companies find it challenging to ensure optimum utilization of remote assets.



    Our remote asset monitoring solution offers cycle time monitoring of remote equipment and tracks the preset KPIs for the assets. It also monitors equipment health-related parameters like temperature, pressure, vibration, current, humidity, and other process parameters.



    Real-time monitoring of parameters for all the remotely placed assets can assist companies to optimize utilization and increase productivity.

    Maintenance Issues



    Regular maintenance of remote assets and equipment is a big challenge for companies. Without monitoring the cycle time and other parameters, it is impossible to predict whether the equipment needs maintenance. It eventually leads to damage or failure of the equipment and unwanted downtime.


    The remote asset monitoring solution uses a predictive maintenance technique based on the collected data about the equipment’s health. Our solution fetches the real-time data for powered assets and devices like current, temperature, and process parameters.



    Companies can monitor the performance of remote assets and equipment effectively. Our solution helps companies get rid of chances of sudden damage or failure of the equipment and unwanted downtime due to non-maintenance. As the equipment is meant for various manufacturing tasks, its real-time maintenance can lead to higher efficiency and productivity through better utilization.