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    Use Case Smart Building IoT Solution

    Smart Building IoT Solution- Right Time to Make Smarter Buildings

    Our smart building IoT solution offers IoT building blocks to simplify the system and analyze the data to unleash the value of the real estate business.

    IoT-based Smart Building Solution for Smarter Establishments

    Our tailored smart building solution is developed by keeping the occupant’s comfort and sustainability in mind. We have integrated advanced IoT-based features in our solution to make modern buildings more energy-efficient and greener while ensuring better convergence of various building services like heating, lighting, etc.

    Implementing Green Building Concept



    Environmental issues are quite common in buildings. The thriving real estate sector struggles to cope with environmental norms without affecting amenities and compromising on power consumption. In other terms, it is a big challenge for real estate firms to minimize the impact of buildings on the environment.



    The smart building solution assists realtors to implement the Green Building concept. Based on IoT technology, our Building Management System (BMS) can fetch and analyze the real-time data of various devices and connected assets within the building premises. Our solution can also collect energy consumption and other related data in commercial, industrial, and residential properties in real-time.



    Realtors can keep building environment-friendly. People who live in buildings or work in offices with a smart building solution in place can contribute to preventing ecological changes. All the facilities and amenities remain eco-friendly as the overall impact of the building on the environment is reduced significantly. 

    Lack of Efficiency



    Many residential and commercial properties offer many facilities, but over the period, most of their assets or equipment fail to perform efficiently. As a result, a seemingly advanced building fails to provide occupant comfort and the equipment become less efficient over the period. 



    Our IoT-based smart building solution offers comprehensive energy analytics to get an idea of the efficiency of various energy-consuming devices. The solution also fetches the data from connected equipment and assets that are placed to provide various facilities including ventilation, heating, elevators, cooling, and lighting. 



    Smart buildings can offer facilities seamlessly to their occupants for a long time with all assets and devices remain in good condition with regular maintenance and proper management. Our customized smart building solution ensures that all the devices and equipment work with optimum efficiency.