How Augmented Reality can Simplify Maintenance and Remote Assistance

By admin_user In Remote Assistance On May 28, 2021

How Augmented Reality can Simplify Maintenance and Remote Assistance

Believe it or not, we are entering industrial revolution 4.0. Conservative industries watching from the sidelines of progression are a bit skeptical about the strides technology is making. However, the leading players who have invested in pioneering technologies such as Augmented Reality Remote Assistance maintenance and repair assistance are leading the revolution from the front.

Repair and maintenance of products is one of the most common services in the manufacturing industry, & the cost of this frequently exceeds 30% of the entire operating costs.

Basic industrial machinery repairs and maintenance services are usually done by trained personnel on-site & complex machinery requires experts to travel to the location of the equipment. The process is expensive and time-consuming, and it also negatively impacts productivity. Augmented reality remote assistance solution is now available to industrial workers and technicians. It is helping them by providing visually guided remote assistance.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Maintenance and Remote Assistance

The benefits of AR remote assistance in the manufacturing industry are literally endless. And before we go ahead with the list of most common uses & let’s look at some of the industry giants’ AR success stories.

  • Boeing used AR-powered smart glasses to help its technicians wire planes, & the result was an astounding 25% reduction in production time and error rates plunging to almost zero.
  • GE Renewable energy used smart glasses to digitally overlay wiring instructions into the line of sight of wind turbine technicians. It helped improve the assembly line by 34%.
  • GE Aviation also used smart glasses to help technicians perform routine maintenance tasks. It enables the company to see an average 8 – 12 % improvement in mechanical efficiency.
Now, let’s dive into the benefits of AR remote assistance:
  1. Helps in increasing productivity
  2. Improves operations speed
  3. Ensures regulatory compliance
  4. Improves profits
  5. Reduces instances of human errors
  6. Reduces the occurrences of breakdowns
  7. Decreases the downtime
  8. Lowers execution times
  9. Reduces costs of maintenance and repairs
  10. Ensures fluid communication
  11. Reduces travel time and costs

Augmented reality remote assistance also helps businesses streamline their workflow and reduce production stoppage. Service manual instructions and remote assistance help ensure corrective maintenance.

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It is possible to ensure preventive maintenance with AR-backed solutions by providing operator assembly instructions, information on unfamiliar processes and a compliance checklist. Predictive maintenance is guaranteed by improving performance panels and gaining real-time access to data for monitoring and analysis of disruptions.

AR in Maintenance

Maintenance has a significant role to play in the manufacturing industry. The industry has transformed drastically from its humble beginnings. In the earlier days, the machinery was way slower & control systems were straightforward. The customers were less demanding, and the system breakdowns were less dramatic. It is an entirely different story right now.

Maintenance affects three primary elements of business competitiveness – productivity, cost and quality. To improve preventive maintenance of pieces of equipment, workers usually rely on an exhaustive checklist. With AR-backed tools, it is easier to schedule inspections and manage inventory. An AR remote assistance app can also provide immersive experiences to technicians for troubleshooting issues. Effective modifications of processes using AR-based tools help in preventing mistakes, compliance violations and lapses.

AR in Remote Assistance

Complex machinery needs highly skilled experts to assist in maintaining and repairs. Since it is not practically possible to have access to experts at all times and at all locations. AR remote assistance helps bring specialized expertise regardless of geographical locations.

Field technicians can now connect with experts using smart glasses or headgear with their AR remote assistance app to get a faster diagnosis and issue resolution. It helps in saving time and money, in addition to reducing downtime.

With two-way audio and video capabilities present in the AR tools, remote experts can project diagrams and content onto the shared screen. The costs involving moving experts around sites from one location to another are also reduced. Moreover, companies can also benefit from improved quality control, shared knowledge, reduced costs, & improved production efficiency throughout the assembly line.

Another crucial benefit of incorporating AR technology into your business is its ability to foster a more fluid collaboration between all teams involved. Different groups from different parts of the globe can now interact together seamlessly. Moreover, the potential knowledge transfer between teams will also be helpful in the long run.

Wrapping Up

Companies are teaming up with technology partners to develop an innovative remote assistance app that can dynamically improve production efficiency. Improved productivity and better customer service are seen as the most important benefits of investing in an augmented reality remote assistance.

Maintenance and repair are only one of the many benefits of augmented reality technology. While we are still trying to understand this technology powerhouse better. we are sure that the future of AR promises many new and beneficial innovations. With the clear understanding of AR technology, reach out to us if you feel that your organization is ready to take the next step towards enhanced productivity.

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