How Industrial IoT Transforms Condition Monitoring for Various Sectors

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Industrial IoT Solutions

The Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 has unleashed a great value in manufacturing around the world. IIoT is an advanced technology that has alleviated the industrial sector with its astonishing techniques. Modern technologies i.e, Industrial IoT has put the connected device in every aspect of manufacturing that managers now monitor the machines in real-time for predicting malfunctions and scheduling service maintenance ahead of machine failure.

Nowadays, various industries utilize equipment that can be monitored in real-time through advanced sensor devices and gateways which are known as condition monitoring. In Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) IoT facilitates live analysis for improving the performance of machines through constant data extraction and report generation.CBM is utilized by almost every industry such as manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, etc for real-time monitoring.

How does Condition Monitoring Solution work?

In the IoT-based approach, the industrial machine contains sensors that collect data on a wide range of variables that determine the performance. Once the data is collected, it is passed over to the cloud. The cloud collects the data from sensors and applies analytics tools to form time-series sensor data into informative insights. This is information is about equipment’s health and operational parameters. A CBM visualizes the findings and passes the same to the users in a detailed form such as charts or diagrams. In case, the equipment doesn’t work properly CBM also sends a notification to the maintenance manager about the deterioration of the equipment’s condition.

The data provided by condition monitoring contains valuable insight into the current state of equipment. This data can indirectly monitor the quality of goods in production along with monitoring equipment’s components.

However, the usefulness of condition monitoring is not restricted to quality control. Its fetched data can be utilized for forecasting future equipment performance, predicting which equipment components may fail, and deciding the scope of maintenance according to the predicted level of degradation. In other words, condition monitoring allows to carry out of predictive maintenance. 

Major Benefits of Condition Monitoring in IIoT

Analysis of machinery performance and studying the insights in real-time by IoT condition monitoring provides a solid foundation for business process and optimization. Further, go through the more advantages of IoT condition monitoring. 

  • Utilization of Data from Any Machine

When data is collected from one machine, the gathering process would take years. On the contrary, gathering data from several machines simultaneously can take less time. This diversity of data from various machines increases accuracy and improves the performance of predictive models.

  • High Computing Power for Efficient Analysis

When IoT condition monitoring is performed for predictive maintenance, it applies a machine learning algorithm to fetch equipment’s health and enhance diagnostic accuracy. Although, machine learning is a CPU-based process that needs computing power and efficient processing with various machines operating in clusters. The condition monitoring of IoT offers sufficient computational resources for running machine learning algorithms.

  • Minimal Intervention in On-Site Processes

IIoT can intelligently monitor various machines from a single location without physically accessing them. This benefit is specifically crucial for industries such as electrical, oil and gas as IoT makes it easier to monitor remote installations like offshore drilling rigs or pipelines. The health and performance data of equipment is collected and transferred to the cloud for processing. Thereon, the cloud analyzes the data and shows the result to onsite technicians anywhere in the company. 

  • Efficient Cloud Storage for a Large Amount of Data

Internet of Things makes it possible to store data on-premises no matter how large the amount of data would be. Cloud storage is crucial as a connected device generates a huge amount of data. Leveraging Industrial IoT, manufacturers can store huge amounts of data in the cloud and expand storage capacity.

Impact of Condition Monitoring on Core Industries

IoT-based monitoring is utilized in a wide variety of industries. Below are some of the crucial industries that are leveraging the Industrial IoT. 

  • Manufacturing

Industrial IoT in manufacturing industry brings a plethora of benefits. Since the manufacturing industry utilizes numerous equipment-heavy and light. Owing to IoT technology which enables sensor-based connectivity, managers can increase uptime. Integration of IoT in manufacturing increases efficiency and improves asset health followed by quick decision-making and development towards a better future.

  • Power Industry

Condition Monitoring by the Internet of Things provides enterprises unique opportunities to assess the health and performance of machinery without the requirement of regular maintenance. It saves a lot of time for managers and keeps them updated all the time. Moreover, CBM by IoT allows managers to monitor machines while operating, hence, reducing downtime and ensuring quality. IoT-based condition monitoring in the power industry prevents equipment failures and increases the uptime of machines.

  • Oil and Gas Industry

Adoption of IoT-based condition monitoring in the oil and gas industry improves safety and increases profits at higher margins. Its real-time asset tracking, predictive maintenance, and offering of comprehensive information in visual ways can greatly impact the industrial processes of the Oil and Gas sector. In fact, the crucial benefits of an automated IoT-powered approach enable digitization, efficient optimization of business processes, and saving time and money in the O&G area. Such advantages encourage industrialists to make their business an advanced platform and step towards better prospects.

  • Transportation Industry

IoT technology in the transportation industry offers great advancements. Everything in transportation is being digitized sector facilitates progress at a rapid speed. Using smart condition monitoring provide real-time monitoring checks of tire pressure, route information to the drivers, better vehicle health, and fuel consumption practices. Managers can make better decisions and receive detailed information about vehicles in the transportation sector. 

Ending Note

We can conclude that IoT-based condition monitoring has played a major role in industrial success. The great advancements, parameter checks, real-time tracking of equipment, better analytics, and instant decision-making through IoT-based condition monitoring are currently experienced by almost every industry. 

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Industrial IoT Solutions

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