How IIoT Technology is Beneficial for Energy Consumption Monitoring

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IIoT energy monitoring solution

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) has started gaining ground across different sectors. It enables enterprises to connect their devices with enhanced connectivity and inter-networking benefits. Apart from these benefits, IIoT Technology plays a vital role in monitoring various parameters. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance and benefits of the IIoT energy monitoring solution. 

Advanced sensory technology in IoT energy management solutions can offer accurate and real-time energy consumption monitoring capabilities. These solutions are built to be used in homes and enterprises to track the amount of electricity the assets consume. Special sensors, meters clamp, and robust servers work in sync to track and store the data of electricity consumption through them.    

IIoT energy monitoring solution remains cost-effective in a wide range of machine-dependent facilities ranging from small workshops to large-scale production units. It can track the amount of energy every machine utilizes. What’s more, this carefully analyzed data can open a myriad of possibilities to achieve excellence in terms of high efficiency, ROI, and more productivity. Let’s understand the impact of applications of IoT in the manufacturing sector. 

Top Ways IIoT Energy Monitoring Solution Benefits Enterprises

The use of IIoT for energy monitoring can cover many applications. Here are three main areas in which the IIoT energy monitoring solution can affect. 

1. Operations and Production Lines

A series of equipment, assets, and machines consists of different electronic components can be used collectively to develop the required products. These end-to-end apparatus form the industrial production lines that can perform processes including mixing, fabrication, optimization, finishing, and quality control. 

Here, the production lines consume energy and their overall amount can give the data about efficiency and effectiveness of the production lines. All the related aspects are strongly related to the company’s capability to develop more products in a cost-effective way. In other words, energy monitoring solutions are useful in increasing the overall efficiency of production lines and various operations. 

Users can easily determine the effectiveness of the equipment. Also, it is possible to identify the section or intersection of the production line where more energy is consumed in the specific time. It further helps enterprises detect loopholes and bottlenecks that reduces the efficiency of the entire production line. 

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2. On-floor Activities

Applications of IIoT Technology solutions are not limited to improve production lines and overall operations in the industry. IoT energy management solutions also enhances the capabilities of workers to manage the on-floor activities. Also it includes the availability of machines and their working conditions. In a way, it is possible to enhance the utilization of equipment. 

What’s more, as the IIoT Technology energy monitoring solution increases the efficiency of the production line, managers can easily leverage the data to optimize various parameters. For example, aspects like the flow of material, tools, and labor can be optimized to support the production rate effectively. It not only increases the utilization of resources but also assists companies to optimize human-machine interaction. 

3. Inspection and Maintenance

Industries need to follow a scheduled pattern for performing inspection and maintenance operations. But, during this time, they have to shut-down their operations and check the machine’s condition manually. Though this process can effectively eliminate the chances of any unwanted breakdown. Also it remains very time-consuming and machines remain in idle condition during the inspection time. 

Here, IIoT energy monitoring solution remains handy and emerges as an option to help companies to switch from traditional scheduled to predictive maintenance. The data related to machine downtime and energy cut-off due to malfunctions in equipment can be analyzed by AI and ML engine. It can effectively determine the patterns to predict component breakdowns and damage in the machine accurately. Companies can readily optimize their maintenance procedures based on this data and perform repair work accordingly. 

Also, a real-time alert system in the IoT energy management solution can be used to conduct maintenance activities on machines in the real-time. Embedded sensors on different components of the machine can detect the flow of electricity and other physical factors including vibration, temperature, etc. As and when these parameters cross the predefined limits, an alert is sent to the maintenance team so that they can take corrective measures. In a way, companies can prevent breakdown of the machines effectively. 

Concluding Lines

The use of IIoT has opened the doors of new opportunities for companies irrespective of their industry sectors. Talking about the IoT energy monitoring solution, it can benefit the companies in several ways and assist companies to enhance their end-to-end operations. With just standard components and advancements of other emerging technologies, IoT energy monitoring solutions can facilitate M2M (Machine-to-Machine) interaction. 

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