Manufacturing 4.0- Role of IoT in Reshaping Core Processes in 2022

By admin_user In IIoT On December 16, 2021

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The manufacturing sector undergoes a massive transformation with the rise of the smart factory industry 4.0 concept. As per the recent survey, globally, around 55 to 70 percent of enterprises have started realizing the potential of digital transformation solutions with the help of IoT app development companies. If you own a manufacturing company, then the time is just right to embrace smart manufacturing solutions based on IoT technology. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the role of IoT in manufacturing for revolutionizing key processes and increasing productivity. It is fair to mention that IoT-powered smart manufacturing solutions not only improve the workflow but also assist manufacturers to help controlling the overhead process costs. This technology enables the sector to leverage the benefits of manufacturing industry 4.0 by offering advanced features. 

We are going to discuss the impact of IoT in revolutionizing manufacturing processes in the year 2022 and beyond. But, before moving forward, let’s understand the concept of Industry 4.0 and how it influences the manufacturing sector. 

Industry 4.0 and Its Significance on Manufacturing Company

An ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices using smart technology is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). The focus of Industry 4.0 remains on using large-scale M2M (Machine to Machine) communication. Here the deployment of IoT in manufacturing industry plays a vital role in enhancing automation, improving communication, and establishing self-monitoring. 

Here, smart manufacturing solutions assist machines to analyze and diagnose issues without human intervention. As a result, we witness revolutionary changes in manufacturing and supply chain as Industry 4.0 gets streamlined. It is fair to mention that the use of advancements in communication and information remains in the focus in Industry 4.0 revolution. 

Significance of IoT in Manufacturing Industry

IoT in manufacturing helps various companies in multiple ways. It brings interoperability and transparency in sensor-based data. Another major benefit of IoT-driven smart manufacturing solutions is they can decentralize the decision-making process. Also, these solutions can resolve issues quickly and assist humans in handling too difficult or unsafe tasks. 

Here are four aspects that show how IoT is significant in the manufacturing sector-

1. Higher Efficiency

IoT contributes to ensuring a continuous supply of raw material to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) or big manufacturing industries. It is easy to meet the production schedules and get inventory status in the real-time with the help of IoT-powered solutions. As a result, the manufacturing industry can work with higher efficiency. 

2. Enhanced Quality

IoT solutions are designed to document actual product performance and sending warning or detection signals in advance. IoT enables closed loop feedback to drive improvements in product quality. In a way, IoT-powered solutions can assist manufacturers to maintain quality of products without reducing the production rate. 

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3. Increased Speed

Reduced order lead time, increased fulfillment capabilities, and greater visibility are some of the key benefits of the IoT technology. It makes it possible for manufacturers to manage inventory positions throughout an increasingly complex logistics network. Even if the manufacturing companies use smaller and more localized warehouses in nearby areas, IoT-based solutions can manage all the warehouses efficiently. 

4. Improved Delivery

Another biggest benefit of IoT solution is it can provide remote assistance for the manufacturing sector. Field service related data can enable manufacturers and service channel to improve customer satisfaction and time-to-repair for equipment. Remote diagnostics, fixing of connected devices, and real-time monitoring can assist manufacturers to build a loyal customer base with improved business value. It also enables manufacturers to maintain high quality standards for products. 

Manufacturing industry 4.0 combines IoT with advancements of other emerging technologies including AR and AI for multiple usages including OEE improvement, inventory management, remote asset tracking & monitoring, employee safety, asset maintenance, and quality improvement. All the concepts of Industry 4.0 including automation, materials, digitalization and the like are achievable with integrating IoT trends in manufacturing

Concluding Lines

Rejig Digital offers a customized Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution for your manufacturing enterprise. We assist modern enterprises with advanced digital transformation solutions while making the most of the Industry 4.0 concept.  Our solutions are useful for various industry sectors including retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical. Do you want to know more about our robust solutions? Just drop us a line at and we will get back to you soon.

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