How Remote Asset Tracking can Ensure Health and Safety of Employees

By admin_user In Remote Asset Management On December 2, 2021

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Employee health and safety is one of the most necessary parameters to ensure the success of daily processes. Even before the advent of the pandemic, companies across various industry sectors have put the health and safety of workers at the forefront. Today, as the world still struggles against an unseen virus, unforeseen health, and safety-related issues need to be addressed proactively. Here, remote asset tracking  and monitoring solutions can be helpful. 

Even if your plant is at a remote location, it is possible to equip it with asset tracking and monitoring tools to ensure effective control. On one hand, such tools can reduce asset downtime, and on the other hand, they can assist companies to enhance the worker’s health and safety. In this article, we are going to discuss the significance of remote asset monitoring solutions in ensuring the health and safety of employees. 

Employees are the most valuable asset to any company under the sun. If any of your employees get injured in the field or become sick due to factors related to the workplace environment, it can affect daily processes. Also, this can decrease the employee’s morale and overall productivity. Therefore, it is imperative for modern enterprises to minimize the threat to the employee’s health and safety. Let’s dig deep into this aspect with an example. 

In the case of the Oil & Gas industry, field teams remain far from their hometowns for a long time. They spend numerous hours going to and from sites to ensure seamless production. Most oil production sites are located in harsh environmental conditions. Apart from that, high oil production zones have huge reservoirs of natural gas and other hazardous chemicals. This can make employees vulnerable to health and safety hazards. Exposure-related risks and safety-related other issues loom large while visiting such plants frequently. 

Here, remote asset monitoring solutions can be of great help. You can get real-time data on the production level and thereby limit the employee’s physical exposure to production sites. 

Such asset tracking and monitoring tools also enable manufacturers and entrepreneurs to avoid close proximity to co-workers in a factory while checking assets. Companies that integrate digital transformation solutions prefer such tools for meeting compliance and following all the standards enforced by authorities in the pandemic age and beyond. With a remote asset tracking tool, it is possible to maintain social distancing and traveling-related restrictions. 

Most manufacturing plants or production areas remain in remote locations. Workers and technical experts have to travel long distances to maintain such plants. Talking about employees, they have to spend hours driving on congested highways to reach these plants daily that may either lead to unexpected accidents or health-related issues. Technical experts, on the other hand, have to rush to project sites in the case of unexpected downtime or damage. 

Let’s go through the key benefits of remote asset monitoring while dealing with such situations effectively. 

Top Benefits of Remote Asset Monitoring Solutions for Health and Safety

Field teams can get real-time data from various equipment using the asset tracking and monitoring solution. This data enables them to monitor production levels and other necessary parameters remotely. They can make insightful decisions quickly and initiate remote controls. Remote asset monitoring solutions can easily show the areas that require physical attention. It can minimize windshield time and facilitates experts to visit the site only when necessary. 

But, here it is necessary to identify the data points. Asset tracking and monitoring solutions can pull massive quantities of high-quality data from remote assets. Therefore, without knowing how to get meaningful data, it is possible that the system may remain complex and meaningless. A digital transformation solution provider can come up with customized remote asset monitoring solutions that can assist you to track assets efficiently. 

Industries find it beneficial because asset monitoring solutions can assist them to work with limited resources as well. In a way, they can meet the social distancing norms without hampering productivity. 

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Wrapping Up

Employee health and safety are of paramount importance in this turbulent time. Any threats related to these aspects can be effectively minimized by using robust and feature-rich remote asset tracking and monitoring tools. These tools can effectively reduce the risk of exposure. Real-time data can also save time and effort for field workers and experts alike while maintaining the standards related to health and safety. 

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