How to Choose the Right Remote Support Solution for Your Enterprise

By admin_user In Remote Assistance On June 28, 2021

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Unplanned or unexpected downtime can wreak havoc on production irrespective of the company’s size. As per an official survey, almost every factory loses 5% of productivity with a 20% loss due to unplanned downtime. This can translate into the loss of millions of dollars in revenue every year, globally. Thankfully, modern companies can take the help of a remote support software solution to get real-time assistance from technicians for remote plants. 

Be it a utility company or communication services provider, manufacturing industry or an insurer, it is imperative for every enterprise to get uninterrupted services from remote technicians. AR remote assistance software can make it possible for modern enterprises. The concept of remote support solution in field service includes on-screen guidance overlaid on a live video and based on AR technology. It enables remote experts or technicians to show their customers or field workers how to resolve issues. 

These days, several AR-based remote assistance software are available, which makes it difficult for CEOs to choose the right one for their companies. In this article, we are going to give core considerations for selecting the right AR remote assistance solution. But before moving to these considerations, let’s understand the importance of remote support software in today’s business scenario. 

Growing Importance of Remote Support Solution in Industries

Convenience and compliance are necessary in this pandemic time. Field technicians strive for following social distance norms and want to give support to their customers conveniently from anywhere. Here, AR remote assistance software can lend a helping hand. Let’s take a real-life example. Suppose a technician want to take a Visual Assistance session from inside his vehicle or from a remote place. AR-powered remote assistance apps make it possible. 

Field service companies need to adopt remote support software for their technicians. It is, however, necessary to evaluate all available options for selecting the right remote support tool. 

What to Consider for Choosing the Right AR-based Remote Assistance Software?

In this challenging and ever-changing business scenario, it is necessary for companies to stay productive while eliminating the possibilities of unexpected downtime or damage. Here are the main factors to consider while selecting the remote assistance solution. 

1. Quick Implementation

This is the first and foremost factor to consider. You can ask the developer or vendor of a remote assistance software about its deployment. A SaaS (System-as-a-Software) solution can go live in a day, and therefore, it is necessary to check the vendor’s capabilities. Gone are the days when the right solution takes many days and even several months to implement. In this challenging business scenario, you need a remote assistance solution that can be implemented quickly into your business system. 

2. Device and System Requirement

AR-based remote assistance solution requires a tablet and AR headset with uninterrupted Internet. While making a decision regarding the solution, it is necessary to check the device and system requirements. An ideal solution has multiple features and functionality including digital annotations, multi-party conference, call log, speech-to-text, and the like. Robust Internet connectivity and system are required to leverage the benefits of all these features. 

3. Rapid Adoption

A longer training period for new tools and software was fine before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though these days remote training is possible, companies just prefer a shorter duration of the training session. If the AR remote assistance software is easy to use, its training period for the field workers or remote employees will be short, and they can easily get adapted to the software. 

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4. Ease of Use

Simplicity and ease of use are crucial elements for an ideal visual assistance solution. Even non-technical users should also benefit from this solution. It is always beneficial to select such a solution to get quick adoption in your workplace. You can save time and effort as there is no need to arrange training sessions for your employees when you choose such software.

5. Scalability

The last but significant factor is scalability. The remote support software solution you choose should be scalable and flexible enough to involve several people at once in the process. You can find out whether a potential solution provider has the capacity to make a secure and future-ready solution with cutting-edge features. Only this type of solution can remain scalable and assist your company for a long time.  

Concluding Remarks

Many companies purchase remote support solutions that can be easily integrated with other existing applications or platforms that teams are using. Amid these lockdown restrictions and other obstacles, remote assistance apps work wonders to increase and maintain productivity.    

AR-powered remote support solution is a need of the hour in the pandemic age and beyond. Amid diversification and rules of social distancing, companies need robust and feature-rich remote assistance apps. These tips will remain useful to find the right software for your enterprise and make the most of AR technology.  

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