ITMA 2023 – Italy 

Event Date: 8th – 14th June 2023
Location: Fiera Milano,
Strada Statale Sempione, Rho,
Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

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Rejig Digital is Attending ITMA 2023

Italy (8 June to 14 June) – Rejig Digital is popular to offer advanced enterprise digital transformation solutions and is excited to announce its participation in the highly anticipated ITMA 2023 (International world’s largest international textile and garment technology exhibition). The event, scheduled to take place from 8th June 2023 to 14 June 2023. Main aim of this event is to bring together all the  industry professionals, innovators, and thought leaders from around the globe.

Rejig Digital is poised to make a significant impact at ITMA 2023. With an impressive array of cutting-edge solutions, the company aims to redefine the internal processes of the textile and garment industry by combining technological innovation, automation, and sustainable practices.

Rejig Digital empowers manufacturers – 

  1. To enhance production efficiency
  2. Improve supply chain visibility
  3. Ensure product quality
  4. Reduce environmental impact. 

Our world class solutions have been specifically designed to address the challenges faced by the textile and garment sector. With different innovative solutions, we allow companies to overcome several issues. 

Our Chief Strategy Officer Message – Rajendera Patel Message

“We are thrilled to be part of ITMA 2023, a world-class platform that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts from around the globe,” said Rajendera Patel.

 Along with this, he said that our participation underscores our commitment to driving digital transformation in the textile and garment industry. We are excited to share our groundbreaking solutions and engage in meaningful discussions with industry peers and stakeholders.”

During ITMA 2023, Rejig Digital will host engaging presentations, interactive demonstrations, and collaborative sessions to showcase the potential of their solutions. By combining their deep industry expertise with advanced technologies, Rejig Digital aims to enable manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

Rejig Digital invites all attendees, industry professionals, and media representatives to visit ITMA 2023. Explore the future of textile and garment technology, and witness game-changing innovations, and engage in insightful discussions with the Rejig Digital team.

To learn more about Rejig Digital and their participation in ITMA 2023, please visit 

About Rejig Digital 

Rejig Digital is a leading innovator in technology solutions, specializing in digital transformation across industries. With a focus on the textile and garment sector, Rejig Digital offers cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and data analytics, to empower manufacturers and promote sustainable practices. By driving innovation and fostering collaboration, Rejig Digital is shaping the future of the textile and garment industry.

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At Rejig Digital, we aim to transform our client’s business into effective outcomes and make the processes more advanced and effective. With our proven strategies, we allow you to leverage the benefits of the emerging technologies and generate maximum outcome from it. We analyse, understand your business needs and assist you to get the best results and stay ahead in the competitive edge.

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