Three Ways Augmented Reality Technology Benefits Remote Technical Support

By admin_user In Augmented Reality On August 17, 2021

Augmented Reality Technology

Even the slightest unresolved problem in the field can cause the loss of millions to the company. Therefore, extensive support of field service technicians is essential for industries, irrespective of their size and scale. Thankfully, AR-based remote assistance can serve this objective effectively on a 24/7 basis. Augmented Reality technology not only enables the service experts to solve any critical issues but also shows necessary instructions in real-time. 

In this blog, we will dig deep into the ways AR technology benefits remote technical assistance. But, before moving ahead, let’s understand the form of technical assistance and its importance in modern enterprises. 

Importance of Technical Assistance in Modern Enterprises

When a company’s remote workers face an unexpected breakdown in the equipment or need guidance to assemble machinery, technical assistance can lend a helping hand. Remote technical assistance plays a vital role in keeping the device or equipment up and running. In a way, enterprises can count on technical assistance for maintaining efficiency and productivity. 

Remote technical assistance can be in audio-visual form, but without using proper tools, the experts cannot find and resolve the issues in equipment. Augmented reality technology enables them to identify the issue and guide field workers properly for addressing it. In a way, AR-based remote assistance software can save valuable time for experts and workers alike. 

Here are the ways through which AR fits into remote technical support. 

Key Areas of Remote Technical Assistance where AR Is Useful

Augmented Reality technology can overlay on-screen visual instructions on the equipment or spare parts’ images, and experts can guide remote workers. 

1. User Manuals powered by Augmented Reality

It is the perfect technology for making product manuals and guiding customers or field workers through various support scenarios. It is possible to share and store digital annotations using the remote assistance app. These annotations can show customers all the necessary actions and adjustments to reach the desired outcome and resolve the issues. 

2. AR-powered Assistance

How about getting real-time assistance without inviting a technician from anywhere in the world? Augmented Reality remote assistance makes it possible. This technology enables you to handle the customer’s complaints or issues without sending technicians anywhere in the world. Whether you are an OEM or an agent for the equipment, you can easily see what the customers are talking about using Augmented Reality technology.

It is useful for offering remote visual assistance on a 24/7 basis. You can easily provide a sequence of actions to resolve the issues and give guidance to customers with the help of AR to show the necessary steps. 

3. Customer Service and Support

AR-based remote assistance software can be useful for providing real-time customer support as well. With this software, companies can guide their customers virtually. It enables companies to get rid of one of the biggest issues- miscommunication because AR-powered software offer visual assistance. You can share virtual elements by adding them to the real images that customers can see. It is also possible to explain anything during the process and even showing your customers how to fill out a form. 

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Visual guidance is highly effective, and your customers can find it a lifelike experience. Augmented Reality technology is useful for offering such an interactive remote assistance experience to customers across all industry sectors. It facilitates various enterprises to provide these types of solutions. It can make your customers happy and loyal while adding value to your business. 

A recent report from Parks Associates has revealed that only about 33% of customers would purchase similar products from the same company if they have experienced set up problems. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the customer’s onboarding remains smooth for different devices and gadgets. AR-based support can enable enterprises to help offer high-quality onboarding experiences along with personalization. What’s more, AR technology is capable of providing meaningful ways to resolve complex issues on the spot anytime and from anywhere. 

Concluding Lines

On-site support is not feasible in this pandemic age. Even in the post-pandemic period, companies prefer remote assistance app using AR technology for real-time and 24/7 support. Today, tech-savvy customers also want immediate and interactive support from the companies, and Augmented Reality technology can provide it effectively. In a nutshell, AR technology has become the next disruptive technology that enables enterprises to engage with customers and resolve issues quickly. 

If you are looking for making customers happier and making your equipment up and running for a long time, then AR will be your handy tool. 

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Augmented Reality Technology