Smart Building IoT Solution

Right Time to Make Buildings Smarter is NOW!

Advancing technology changes the shape of the real estate industry rapidly. Smart Building IoT Technology Solutions is the epitome of it.

Make Your Building Smarter with Our Building IoT Solution

The real estate sector thrives at a rapid pace with the help of technological advancements. While addressing priorities and necessities of property owners, agents, and customers, emerging technologies like IoT and AI can assist realtors to deliver useful information effectively and improving their services with excellent experience for tenants.

Our smart building IoT Technology solutions offers IoT building blocks to simplify the system and analyze the data to unleash the value of the real estate business. Our solution is designed to provide greater performance and enhancing the ‘smartness’ of your building through automation.

Make Your Building Smarter with Our Building IoT Solution

Managing Infrastructure. Leveraging Technology.

Managing Infrastructure. Leveraging Technology.

Most buildings have some sort of built-in intelligence. Be it HVAC, lighting system, or fire safety, there is a lot of scope for the IoT technology to develop customized solutions for smart buildings. At Rejig, we know what it takes for implementing the concept of smart buildings and smart city. Our deep domain insights and understanding of market trends have enabled us to come up with one of the best smart building IoT solutions.

Our customized smart building IoT Technology solutions is suitable for all types of buildings like commercial properties, industrial plants, healthcare facilities, and schools, or colleges.

Importance of Smart Building Solution

Building owners, realtors, and real estate agents are always in search of new ways to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency through automation. Our smart building IoT Technology solutions enables you to connect and automate your building for energy-saving and maintenance.

By streamlining various activities, you can minimize the impact of buildings on the environment. Our smart real estate solution, makes it easy to monitor and optimize all the systems integrated into the building. Our solution is designed to leverage the benefits of emerging technologies like IoT and Big Data on the mobile and web platform.

Importance of Smart Building Solution

Which Challenges Smart Building Solution can Address?

  • Infrastructure Management

    It is quite challenging to manage various subsystems including water management, street lights, and CCTV and water system. Our IoT-based BMS can connect to disparate equipment and devices to manage all the subsystems in the building.

  • Different Protocols

    In the smart building, every system has a different protocol to follow, and therefore, there is no common platform for all the systems. Our solution acts as a single platform to integrate all the major systems including HVAC, FAS, etc.

  • Effective Asset Utilization

    Effective utilization of assets is difficult even at the building level. However, the IoT-based solution supports third-party integration for utilizing assets effectively. Our solution assists you to integrate third-parties for lift and visitor management system.

  • Multiple Interfaces

    Multiple systems and subsystems in the building have different interfaces that impact the user experience. Smart Building IoT Solution has an engaging dashboard with a broad set of building systems connected to sensors.

  • Increased BMS Cost

    BMS (Building Management System) has a high development cost and it is difficult to justify for small to mid-size buildings. Our customized IoT-based smart home solution is cost-effective and accelerates time-to-revenue.

  • Maintenance & Repair Alert

    When centralized system is not available for maintenance and repair, it is difficult to manage various services of the building. Our smart building solution can send the real-time alerts for maintenance and you can save any possible damage.


How Our Smart Building IoT Solution Works?


Owners can deploy our IoT BMS solution in their commercial properties, healthcare, and education organizations for taking advantage of mobile devices, IoT, and big data.


Sensor, Controller, Connectivity and BMS Platform are major elements of our IoT-based smart building solution that enables users to control and manage various facilities.


Various building facilities including HVAC, lighting, fire safety, water, surveillance, elevator, etc. will have a controller system communicates and sends the data to the BMS platform.


These connections can be made to air handling units, chillers, thermostats, electrical meters, lighting control, and video cameras using standard protocols.


BMS platform securely transfers their data to the cloud (or on-premises servers), while handling the necessary protocol translations and gives real-time alerts.


We develop a customized, interactive dashboard and Alert mechanism to control and monitor various facilities as per the client’s smart building requirements.

Key Features of Smart Building Solution

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Advanced Analytics

It integrates various systems and subsystems on the single dashboard and analyzes the data collected by sensors and connected devices.

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Real-time Reporting

It is easy to get access to insights anytime and from anywhere through our IoT smart building solution.

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Interactive Dashboard

Engaging and interactive dashboard shows all the necessary data related to various subsystems.

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Use Case

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