Connected Assets

Connecting Assets through Advanced Technology

Our smart connected assets solution assists factories and warehouses achieve higher productivity by tracking, monitoring, and optimizing assets.

Connecting Assets. Improving Productivity

Asset-intensive sectors need effective and smart ways to track assets using location tracking and reduce their operating costs with real-time report generation about utilization. Addressing these concerns, Rejig Digital has developed connected assets solution that helps businesses improve the operational efficiency of physical assets through Connected Asset Management and provides a scalable and secure end-to-end connected architecture.

It also offers smart search and record keeping for compliance needs, that give more control to users over connected assets.

Connecting Assets - Improving Productivity

Manage Devices and Equipment Seamlessly

Manage Devices and Equipment Seamlessly - Asset Management

The objective is to minimize life cycle asset costs while maximizing profitability and business continuity. Hence, It’s imperative to virtually manage assets, equipment, & location across your organization’s facilities for effective usage and productivity. Asset Utilization (AU) is the true measure of how well you are using your installed capacity.

When our smart connected asset solution is accurately implemented, it reduces managerial costs, modernizes business services, improves customer service, and enables entrepreneurs to scale there business toward new heights.

Why Connected Assets Solution?

Our customized, enterprise-level connected asset solution offers the real-time data including usage patterns, necessary stats, and insightful reports to keep your company compliant with the prevalent norms. Our asset usage visualization feature offers enterprise users improved visibiity into assets' location and their availability. It also contributes to protecting the assets from being stolen or getting damaged unexpectedly.

Features like asset tracking, asset maintenance, and asset procurement ensure a seamless performance of assets. Our smart connected asset management solution can improve the utilization of assets that results in higher productivity and reduced waste. Smart tracking feature facilitates an enterprise to reduce the careless use of its assets and gives the real-time information about the position of assets.

Why Connected Assets Solution?

Which Challenges Connected Assets Solution can Address?

  • Location Tracking

    It is difficult for companies to get real-time information about the location of equipment. Our solution with active RFID tags and IoT functionality, communicates with the Wireless LAN to track the current location.

  • Optimum Asset Utilization

    Many companies face a lack of effective and optimal utilization of assets. With improved asset tracking, and corporate policy compliance, our solution helps companies to leverage the benefits of optimum asset utilization.

  • Inventory Management

    When it comes to managing remote devices and equipment seamlessly, our reliable connected assets solution helps companies eliminate the shortage or excess of any equipment irrespective of their location.

  • Overhead Expenses

    Companies find it difficult to manage unexpectedly high overhead expenses. If assets are not managed properly, the maintenance costs can be high. Our solution can reduce overhead expenses while eliminating delays.


How Connected Assets Solution Works?


Tags - reader/transistor, connectivity, and cloud platform are some of the major components of our customized connected asset solution


Asset tracking is of two types- indoor and outdoor. Both these types of tracking are based on on-site scenario and type of asset


Assets are classified into powered and non-powered assets and tags will be identified accordingly, i.e. BLE, RFID, Barcode, or QR Code


The positioning of readers/transmitters will be deployed on the basis of site layout and accuracy of location tracking requirement


Transmitter/Reader will send tag data on defined intervals and changing the location of tag to cloud-based connected asset platform and layout of premises


Movement of MHE, Cranes, and other battery-operated vehicles, over speeding, Utilization, adherence to pathways movement, etc. can be captured


Zone-based or real-time location services give us details like places where devices are situated, and their movement, idling, and other statistics


Our connected assets solution has the capability to store and present the data about asset location, usage, movement details, etc.


Asset utilization report or location report feature can monitor certain KPIs that are generated using predefined role-based reporting

Top Features of Connected Assets Solution

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Location Tracking

You can track assets anywhere in real-time, both indoors and outdoors. Our software can enable you to configure location alerts and notifications. You can also view the location history of your assets.

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Activity Log

It facilitates entrepreneurs and business persons to know how frequently all assets are being used. It allows you to know the rate of utilization for your tools and machinery. The activity log also shows the usage history.

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Environment Condition

You can obtain accurate and minute-by-minute information of environmental conditions including temperature and humidity. It also assists you to manage your assets and facility more effectively.

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Companies can gain valuable insights about the location, condition, and maintenance of their assets. It assists them to optimize processes and improve efficiency. You can identify bottlenecks in advance and improve performance.

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Audit & Reconciliation

This is one of the major features of our connected asset management solution. It brings automation in processes like asset tagging, asset inventory, and reconciliation so that you can enhance the efficiency of assets.

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Transfer Management

Asset transfer management feature enables the transfer of assets across various locations, cost centers, or vendor’s places. Our solution can customize workflows for different types of asset transform with multi-level approval matrices.

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Asset Contract Management

The contract management feature helps users capture and maintain all types of contracts related to assets. It has a complete record of expiry/renewal dates and document repositories of all the contracts.

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Fleet Tracking

The dynamic fleet management feature enables corporate users to get real-time data on vehicles, drivers, and customers. It provides benefits like increasing efficiency, improved driver safety, and enhanced productivity while managing fleet efficiently.

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