How Digital Twin Technology Will Drive Innovation In Industrial Sector?

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digital twin technology

Digital Twin technology is gaining attention in the manufacturing sector in today’s rapidly changing era. Digital twins can assist companies to harness their engineering, operational, and information technologies for immersive analytics and visualization. Furthermore, it facilitates users to check status, visualize the asset, generate insights and analyze accurately to optimize asset performance.

A digital twin can be updated constantly via sensors, multiple sources, and continuous surveillance that can represent its real-time status and working condition. It is a concept that can use realistic data to predict the performance of a process or product. Overall this technology has become popular among manufacturers because of the benefits it offers. 

Here we will show you the practical applications of digital twins in transforming industrial processes.

A Detailed Outlook into Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin’s lifecycle starts when the experts study the operational parameters and mechanics of a physical system to develop a mathematical model as the stimulation of the original one. Digital twins can fetch feedback from the sensors connected to the actual machine or system. 

Other than this, a digital twin can enable its users to find the solution for manufacturing process improvements, product development, prototype testing, and product lifestyle extension. As a result, you can easily understand and analyze the performance of physical systems for identifying improvement opportunities. Furthermore, digital twins can be used with a prototype to offer feedback about a product during its development stage.      

Use Cases of Digital Twins

Digital Twin solutions are used to optimize maintenance and operations of physical assets, systems, and production processes. Some organizations are already using digital twins on projects to enhance their business value. Also, it is used to track construction and identify issues by visualizing change over time. This capability facilitates the team of field technicians to immediately respond to onsite changes.

Apart from this, the need to cut down costs and reduce the time for product development are the key factors. Also it will drive the growth of the digital twin market. Also, digital twins can enable engineers to test and communicate with sensors that are integrated within a company’s operating products. With delivering real-time insights about the system’s functionality and ensuring timely maintenance. 

Here are some examples that show how the digital twin will enable organizations to leverage the benefits of data for bringing transformation in the process –

1. Product Development

Digital twins can make it easier for field technicians to test the feasibility of any product before its launching. Field engineers can start producing or shifting focus to create a feasible product as per test results. Digital twins can enable manufacturing companies to test and validate a product before it even exists in the real world. By minutely replicating the planned production process, a digital twin enables engineers to identify any process failures before the product goes into production.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Manufacturers can leverage the potential of digital twins to predict the probable machine maintenance-related issues. As a result, manufacturing plants can efficiently minimize unnecessary machine downtimes and get rid of additional predictive maintenance costs. Other than that, it can improve the overall efficiency of machines because technicians can take proper action before the occurrence of any failure. 

3. Shop Floor Performance Improvement

Digital twin technology is to analyze and monitor final products also it helps technicians identify defective products. Moreover, the implementation of digital twins on the shop floor provides a clear visualization of the manufacturing process. 

Also, digital twin technology and IIoT combination is capable of transforming the entire production line and offers tremendous possibilities to manufacturers. It is a must-have asset for businesses on the Industry 4.0 journey that want to digitalize, optimize and manage their factories in a smarter, more efficient way.

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4. Industrial IoT

Digital Twins can optimize IoT solutions for maximum efficiency and help developers to figure out how the equipment needs to operate before their physical deployment. Furthermore, they can effectively stimulate the performance of devices over time to predict possible failure and their performance in the future.     

Concluding Lines

Digital twin technology can enable companies to offer an enhanced user experience to their customers by gaining real-time insights into the quality of existing products, customer demands, services, and operations. In addition to this, digital twins can assist manufacturing companies to accelerate digitalization by providing them with advanced document management systems.

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digital twin technology