Ten Ways Industrial Internet of Things is Changing Manufacturing Industry

By admin_user In IIoT On July 15, 2021

IoT in manufacturing

As per the recent prediction, the number of connected devices will cross 46 billion globally by the year 2021. These devices will make the world more connected than ever while strengthening the concept of IoT (Internet of Things). In the past few years, various core sectors including the thriving manufacturing industry have witnessed the rise of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology. Many manufacturers have started investing in industrial IoT in manufacturing to leverage its benefits based on IT-driven smart solutions. 

In this pandemic age, the global manufacturing industry is passing through a huge transformation. Advancing IoT technology can play a crucial role in this transformation along with other emerging technologies. IIoT can not only enhance efficiency but also open the doors of new opportunities for manufacturing companies. It is possible to get the benefits of robotic process automation and predictive maintenance with IIoT technology. 

The Industrial IoT is designed to fetch the data from machines and contribute to transforming various processes in the new age of manufacturing. Real-time operational efficiency and improved supply chain are some of the apparent advantages of IoT in manufacturing. Altogether, the manufacturing sector can reduce risks and introduce innovation with customized IIoT solutions. 

Here are the top ten ways IIoT can disrupt the manufacturing sector. 

Top Reasons for Integrating Industrial IoT in Manufacturing Company

1. Digitization

This is the first and foremost benefit of industrial IoT. It connects assets to processes, systems, and people for optimizing operational processes and increasing productivity. With a digitized IoT system, you can get rid of human errors in the workplace. As a result, you can take your company to the next level of transformation. 

2. Improved Maintenance

The maintenance of assets remains one of the biggest concerns for manufacturers. With enhanced remote asset monitoring and maintenance solution, this concern can be addressed effectively. IoT-driven manufacturing solutions can enhance machine-running efficiency and reduce instances of unwanted downtime. IIoT solutions also enable manufacturers to increase insights for improving maintenance. 

3. Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics, you can remove complexity in the manufacturing industry automatically. Real-time business information can assist you to improve the overall quality of the product and transform asset maintenance processes into predictive maintenance. As a result, you can avoid a breakdown. 

4. Higher Flexibility

The rise of IIoT and other technologies has made it possible for manufacturing companies to install, configure, and control customized applications from a centralized location. A few years back, only companies with a large budget could afford this facility. Thanks to the higher flexibility of IoT in manufacturing, any manufacturer can embrace the technology irrespective of size and scale. 

5. Operational Intelligence

IIoT enables manufacturers to use the latest operational intelligence for collecting data from various systems and equipment. It is possible to get a 360-degree view into operations to find the root causes of any issues with industrial IoT technology. 

6. Cost Reduction

With advancing IoT technology, we see a plethora of reliable and connected sensors to ensure reduced operational costs and optimization of asset utilization. IoT enables manufacturing plants to connect to suppliers for ordering new tools as and when necessary. 

7. More Scalability

IoT in manufacturing can bring more scalability in the sector. Though a lot of solutions are available in the market, it is necessary to select the right IIoT-based solution to optimize the value proposition. The solution should be scalable to meet the increasing demands of your manufacturing company. 

8. Future-ready Enterprise

As per the estimate, the manufacturing sector will get $3.9 trillion thanks to the IIoT implementation. You can keep your company ready for the future through autonomous vehicles and applications for asset tracking, operational intelligence, remote maintenance, and the like. 

9. Enhanced Management

Industrial IoT solutions can help manufacturing companies manage field services effectively. Detailed error report with actionable can be generated with the help of IIoT technology. This technology also assists you to manage the supply chain and inventory. 

10. Asset Tracking and Maintenance

The Industrial Internet of Things is the driving force for Asset tracking and maintenance solutions. With AR technology, IIoT enables remote workers to connect to OEMs or technicians for maintenance or repair of the assets. It can save a lot of time, effort, and money while eliminating any possibilities of downtime or breakdown. 

Concluding Lines

Reduction in operational costs with higher efficiency and productivity are some of the biggest benefits of industrial IoT for the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers can improve safety and asset management with IIoT solutions. In a nutshell, you can get a competitive edge over peers by integrating IoT into operations. All you need to choose the right IIoT solutions provider to make your manufacturing company smarter and future-ready. 

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IoT In Manufacturing