Build Vs Buy – Which is Right for You while Going for a Remote Assistance Solution

By admin_user In Augmented Reality, Remote Assistance On February 28, 2022

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Digital transformation solutions provide time and open-mindedness to manufacturers to solve old-school manufacturing problems. It offers the users the possibility to visualize the parts of the equipment from all sides. In addition to this, such solutions can enhance the level of comprehension of the data fetched from machines and help users to retain the same for the future. And now the AR remote assistance solution technology is taking this revolution a step further.

A majority of enterprises are now choosing an augmented reality remote assistance system to optimize their manufacturing processes and smoothly run their operations. But they often get stuck when they are to decide the right solution for remote assistance as per their requirements. 

Here we will show you the reasons to go for a readymade virtual remote assistance solution. 

Reasons to Buy a Virtual Remote Assistance Platform

While looking for a virtual remote assistance platform, it is essential for you to evaluate some important factors like control of the final product, costs related to time and maintenance. Furthermore, you need to research the solution provider with whom you are going to consult. You need to collect data about your chosen solution provider’s past offerings, customer reviews, and the tools it will deploy to make the augmented reality remote assistance platform.

Initially, you need to make a proper analysis while choosing between building or buying a remote visual assistance solution. You need to consider your organization’s IT capabilities, risk assessment of the organization, and properly evaluate different software options to avoid any pitfalls in your manufacturing journey.

If you are facing tough times to decide a proper choice between making or purchase then here are the reasons to purchase a reliable virtual remote assistance software rather than opting to build one –

1. Development Costs

You need to analyze the total cost of ownership (TCO) to determine the actual cost of the solution. Furthermore, you should evaluate license fees, migration costs, integration costs, and maintenance activities. Therefore, it is often more cost-effective to purchase a pre-built solution rather than making one by yourself.

Apart from this, you need to consider that remote assistance app development often takes a larger share of your budget than originally estimated. At times, some unavoidable expenses may occur during the development process like hosting expenses and hiring expenses.  Also strategic costs, solution licensing costs, etc. Here a ready-made solution for remote assistance with fixed costs can eliminate any kind of burden on your development budget. 

2. Constant Support Requirements

Manufacturers need to make significant investments to keep their pre-built solutions running. Furthermore, manufacturers need to consult with development teams to add frequent updates to the system. Also, they need to implement the latest technologies and innovative tools to capture data from a wider range of sources. 

So, if you select a pre-built remote visual assistance tool, then you can effectively focus on providing more meaningful results to your clients and stakeholders while harnessing the potential of digital transformation. Moreover, remote visual assistance tools can assist you to ensure that you can work upon relevant updates that consider market or customer needs so that your planning can become more efficient. 

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3. Low Training Costs

Remote virtual assistance solutions free you up from the need of putting more technicians in the field. As a result, you can give them better training and guide them via AR-empowered remote visual assistance software. Furthermore, you can record these sessions to create a knowledge base for the entire team of technicians. 

In addition to this, visual remote assistance solutions can help newly joined technicians to get expert help through AR annotations in real-time. This will help the new technicians to avoid any occurrence of errors in their work. 

4. AI Capabilities

AI-powered remote assistance solutions can enable process automation significantly. An experienced solution provider with a specialization in computer vision. It has domain expertise can deliver you a robust solution in minimal time. It can leverage previously stored algorithms and data to deliver such solutions.

Apart from this, there is a risk of technological failure and lack of skills. However, when you purchase the solution from a reputed solution provider, you can effortlessly manage all these issues. Besides, the AI capabilities of a remote visual assistance tool are fully patented. Therefore, no one can replicate your development methodologies and AI technology easily. 

Concluding Lines

A remote visual assistance tool can more quickly and cost-effectively get the industrial units ramped up and focus on solving problems and driving productivity. However, it is advisable to assess all the stipulations to make sure you are choosing the right solution for your organization.

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