Impact of AR Remote Assistance on Industries in 2022

By admin_user In Augmented Reality On December 24, 2021

AR Remote Assistance

AR remote assistance app has become the need of the hour for addressing complex challenges at remote plants. As a robust and reliable visual technology, augmented reality remains a perfect fit when it comes to providing assistance. Technical experts can easily provide real-time assistance to field workers or employees at remote places using an augmented reality platform. 

These days, many companies rely upon Augmented Reality (AR) for having technical support as and when necessary. In this article, we are going to understand the role of AR remote assistance app in modern enterprises. But, before moving ahead, let’s go through the importance of technical support across various industry sectors. 

When do Companies Require Technical Support?

When customer experiences are at stake due to any sort of issues, technical support becomes crucial for companies. Also something is not working as expected or any issues occur during the operation, technical support becomes necessary. Here is an example of the installation and setup of devices. When customers get their hands on a new device or gadget, they want to assemble and use it properly and quickly. They need real-time and accurate assistance. 

Here, Augmented Reality (AR) comes into the picture. This technology works by overlaying on-screen visual instructions on images of the user or customer’s device. It is possible to give them real-time guidance through the resolution process with minimal effort. The following list shows three areas of technical support where AR technology is particularly useful. 

1. User Manuals

Augmented Reality is the perfect technology for creating product manuals to guide consumers through technical support use cases. It demonstrates all the actions and adjustments in an interactive way to customers. In a way, AR becomes instrumental for customers to reach their desired outcome. 

2. Customer Services

AR enables agents to guide the customers through a process consisting of visual assistance. When it comes to delivering real-time support, Augmented Reality technology can eliminate the chances of miscommunication. Agents can add markups to the image that the customer sees to share virtual elements. Visual guidance always plays an effective role in sharing insights or giving guidance to users. 

3. Remote Assistance

How about getting real-time assistance for repairing equipment or resolving any issue? Users, who are in the remote location, can use their phone camera and a robust AR remote assistance solution to show the problem to the technician. The technician or expert can offer remote assistance for this problem in the form of a sequence of actions. It is possible to assist the users to show all the necessary steps to resolve the issue with the help of an augmented reality platform. 

Augmented reality technical assistance is useful for increasing productivity and eliminating unexpected downtime while keeping the equipment free from any issues. Augmented Reality remote assistance solution enables users to overlay visual instructions on top of the real-life objects than putting them on the computer screen. 

Let’s understand the significance of AR remote support for modern businesses. 

Importance of AR Remote Support for Business in 2022

AR provides robust visual support for some years. Though it is still in a nascent phase, it has brought revolutionary changes in the support system. When it comes to offering a seamless onboarding process and training, augmented reality technology remains helpful. Also, all businesses focus on loyalty to increase revenue and sales. But then, a negative experience can ruin the customer’s relationship with the company and affect the chance of repeat business. 

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A recent research report shows that only about 33% of customers would purchase a similar product from the company in which they have experienced set up problems. This fact shows the importance of smooth customer onboarding. AR-powered tech devices can remain supplementary to chatbots and other self-service options. It is possible to help field workers and customers immediately with high-quality visual experiences.        

How AR Technical Support Transforms Customer Experience

Immediate assistance with a rich visual experience is the most common expectation among today’s tech-savvy customers and users. AR-based remote assistance solutions can fulfill this requirement effectively even when FAQs and knowledge bases fall short. Some solutions can also save the data related to issues and outcomes for future reference. Altogether, customers or users can get visually rich and improved experiences with remote assistance solutions. 

Concluding Lines

In this challenging scenario, Augmented Reality has shown the capability of bringing disruptive changes. AR-powered remote assistance solutions will revolutionize the way we interact with machines and engage with customers to give them necessary support as and when necessary. 

At Rejig Digital, our in-house team integrates advancements of AR technology in customized remote assistance app and asset monitoring & maintenance solutions. We enable modern enterprises to leverage the advantages of advancing technologies for increasing efficiency and productivity. We can take your enterprise to a new level by providing feature-rich and future-ready solutions with seamless functionality. 

AR Remote Assistance

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